Saturday, February 02, 2013

Battle Brothers Best Painted Competition (pic heavy)

The painting competition was a little different in format to previous Doubles tournaments. Instead of just a "best army" there were now rewards for best vehicle, character, monstrous creature and fortification. I personally don't think the standard was as high as we've seen at other doubles events but that isn't to take away from the people who were featured as they were miles above my skill level. Anyway, here's the pictures:

Engine of Legend (Vehicles)

Monument of Legend (Fortifications)

Beast of Legend (Monstrous Creatures)

Hero of Legend (Characters)

Army of Legend (Armies - obviously!)


  1. I think the DA army looks the most visually stunning really. The DW Knights and Ravenwing especially look great.

    So was the Dread Knight in the monster pics yours? I think the paint job on that looks great man. In fact throughout these reports I've thought you're entire army looks wicked! Some pics of that would be nice to see!

    Great little feature, cheers!

    1. The dreadknight isn't ours. We entered it after I took the picture and thought it was in with a chance. The nurgle prince at the back won it though.

      The grey knights are Matt's but I've been meaning to get more shots of my wolves up. They need some work though and my DA will come first.


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