Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Painting Dark Eldar for Blog Wars 3

Not an actual picture of me but same reaction!
There's a feeling of deja vu here as I talk about trying to get my DE painted for a Blog Wars tournament. However, unlike last year, when I gave up and took wolves, I'm determined to get them done in time so I can make BW3 their first tournament.

There's only about a month and a half now until the big day and I've not exactly got much done! My wyches are 3 colours (but not very impressive) and my cronos is too a decent standard but very little else is ready! In a plan reminiscent of GCSE/A-Level revision I've decided to focus my efforts by drawing up a painting timetable. This should give me targets so that I actually get things done in time. Here goes:

B/H  Weekend: Haemonculi & Wracks    <--- nearly done, pictures soon
W/B 9th April: Venom
W/B 18th April: Talos
W/B 23rd April: Trueborn
W/B 14th May: Reavers
W/B 21st May: Reavers
W/B 28th May: Baron & Hellions

I was feeling pretty confident I'd be done in time until I remembered we're going away for the first two weeks of May!! This gives me very little time to get everything done given that I work full time too! As I've said above the haemonculi/wracks are coming along nicely and I'll finish them today and post pictures later this week.

One of the two venoms is pretty much done but the other is just undercoated. I'm sure I can get them both done in a week (or at least 3 colours anyway). The cronos is finished and only took me a couple of evenings so I reckon the talos won't be much more work. There's only 6 trueborn so I can't seem them taking a long time.

The reavers will need a significant amount of work. I've still got 3 more to build once they arrive from eBay land and then they're pretty time consuming to paint up, especially with the riders too. It'll be a similar story for the hellions and Baron still needs converting. I'll be enlisting Jamie's help here since he's far better with greenstuff than I am!

Somewhere in all that I've got to find time to work on my PgCert stuff too!! Wish me luck!


  1. Best of luck with your Dark Eldar. I admire your schedule and hope you get your bad guys painted for BOW3. If it means anything. Took about 28 hrs to paint 8. I'm sure you'll knock them down quick.

  2. Good luck man - I'm sure you can get it done...especially if I managed to paint up 30+ models in 3 weeks before BW1&2.

    Loving the fact that I only have 1.5 models left to paint for BW3!


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