Sunday, April 15, 2012

Open War Painting Competition (pic heavy)

Yesterday, Matt and I attended the Open War XVII tournament at Maelstrom in Mansfield. I'll be posting up the battle reports from my games tomorrow but for now here's my highlights from the painting competition:

My vote went to this excellent pre-heresy Thousand Sons army. Check out the Thousand Son punching the Space Wolf in the face (below)!

 This nurgle army featured a gargantuan land raider conversion that towered above the rest of the force.

 The winner of the 40K competition was this brilliant Ork army with converted deffkoptas which are suspiciously similar to the pod racers from Phantom Menace. The owner assured us that the Orks created them before George Lucas!

This is the Epic army that I voted for. It's difficult to choose between them since the figures are so small that any real painting prowess can't shine through. I was surprised, however, with just how many people there were playing Epic!

Finally here's the Warmachine force I voted for. Don't have a clue what race they are or anything but they were crisp and I'm a sucker for purple and white!


  1. My thousand sons wouldn't do something as thuggish and punch someone, they use the force to throw or choke them. :D


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