Monday, April 02, 2012

Example "Competition" Entry and an Actual Competition!

Here's one of the responses I received to my April Fool's Day fake competition yesterday morning. I've removed the name to protect the victim but I think the content kinda gives it away! The other responses I'm keeping to myself since they actually made me feel guilty with genuine reasons why they should win:

You are a crazy bastard!
OK, I'll bite...

The Kabal of the Pink Mother Fuckers has been lying low for a while, waiting for reinforcements to arrive.. the sight of a screaming Razorwing Jetfighter dropping in from the clouds on PINK wings and reaping a heavy toll on the enemy is where it is at!

I guess I have to sell it here.. blackmail? Hmmm... I promise not to win Blog Wars 3 if you drop me the Razorwing and Battleforce? lol.

I'll take any list you want me to.. shit, long as I have it.. BA, SW, IG, DE, GK, Necrons, Tau, Vanilla Marines, Chaos Marines, Sisters...your choice, I'll take up the challenge..

I will literally sell my soul for the DE Battleforce and Razorwing..

For "soul" read: chance to become a living legend and win Blog Wars for the third straight time and final time in 5th ed.

Anyway.. it's Sunday .. I have to go and shop for Wedding Rings.. eugh..the expense..
So I feel pretty bad about the whole thing but there was a part of me wished it was a real contest since I was tempted to make err.... let's call him err.... Sandy Dumphris bring something crap to Blog Wars 3 so he won't win again (I reckon he could just buy a cheaper wedding ring and get the DE stuff himself)!

On that note I've decided to add something to the prize fund for Blog Wars 3 with an additional competition. Apologies to readers in the rest of the world who won't be able to make it to BW3 but sadly it will only be open to those coming along. Here's the deal. As you know the Blog Wars tournaments are centred around the principle that Special Characters are awesome. If you disagree thats fine, but you are in fact....wrong.

Anyway, I'm always pleased to see someone that has gone out of their way to theme their list around a particular special character. For example, someone might make a Dark Eldar list which had Baron and only hellions as troops. They might throw together a Space Marines list for a particular chapter lead by their special character e.g. Khan with a crapload of White Scars bikers. Either way the idea is that, rather than taking a standard tournament list and just ditching a couple of things to shoehorn in a special character, they've actually themed their army. Now, in most cases that means they'll have probably gimped themselves with regards to competitiveness (if that's a word) but it's definitely entering into the spirit of the event. Therefore, from my own pocket (assuming I don't manage to sell enough tickets to fund it properly) I'm offering a battleforce of the winner's choice for the army which, in my opinion, best epitomises this spirit.

Now, as I've said, this might gimp your effectiveness and chances of winning the actual tournament but I'm hoping some people will enter into the spirit and bring something a little different. Everyone who's coming is automatically entered and once I've received all the army lists (deadline is mid-May) I'll make a decision and announce the winner at the end of Blog Wars 3.


  1. hahahahaha! he isn't going to hear the end of this!

    i like the sound of the extra prize. given how much fun i had playing my barmy drop army last time i think i'll have to try something similar again.

  2. Like the sound of the extra prize, though I think I'm going to have to stick with my army as it is for the moment. Already working flat out to get it done on time, no chance of finishing if I had to change it now.
    Wonder who could have written that email...

  3. Awesome. Does General theming apply as well? IE me using my star wars army?

  4. Temptation for Catachan super friends.....

  5. I'd love to try and do this - but I've only got one model left to buy and paint-up to finish my planned list.

    Also a 'Nid themed list is pretty tough - the only one I could think of is Parasite of Mortrex with a whole winged list (Flyrants/Gargoyles/Shrikes/Harpies and then a ton of Rippers etc)... As much fun as that sounds, I dont stand a chance of building that list up in time.

  6. Oh I've finally paid for my ticket too! :p


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