Sunday, April 01, 2012

Competition Closed! (sorry!)

Now the more astute of you seem to have figured out that the competition was an admittedly rather harsh April Fool's prank. Despite it only being up for a few hours I had a few emails pleading for it to be them that won. I must confess that I only threw the post together last minute because I realised I hadn't actually done one for this year.

Last year's April Fool's actually came true as I said that GW would  be making Thunderwolf Cavalry models! I did consider trying to come up with something similarly prophetic but I'm at work so it had to be a bit of a rush job! I figured the 12pm deadline might be a bit of a giveaway but sure enough some people still fell for it. With their permission I'll probably post up there responses for your enjoyment.

However, I accept that this was a particularly mean thing to do to you all so I've decided some compensation is necessary! I'll come up with something nice for those that emailed (I've already got the names so don't try to send a cheeky email now!) and I might consider upping the prize fund for Blog Wars 3 out of my own pocket to make up for the cruelty! I'll let you know what I come up with but I'll post about it tomorrow so you might actually believe me.

Again, apologies for the cruelty but it did cheer me up to read some of the emails I got whilst I'm stuck at work on a Sunday!

Stay tuned for some details about my BW3 Dark Eldar list of webway goodness and some battle reports from my playtesting of it.

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