Friday, May 27, 2011

They're all a little bit special!

Just a quick post to say I've been looking through the lists that I've been sent so far for Blog Wars and I'm pleased to tell you that so far of the 16 lists I've checked no-one has taken the same character as anyone else! Granted this could change and there's been a couple of people who were exempt from the rule. Anyway, I just thought it was pretty cool that everyone had gone for something different dispite there being a few races who are represented several times!

Sadly, so far, no-one has come back to me saying they're playing Dark Eldar. I suspect this is probably because it's a relatively new codex and most readers of a Space Wolves blog like mine are unlikely to field them. Having said that I think they've got some of the coolest special characters both in models and rules so its a shame. I've decided I'm going to have to get me a DE army because those models are just too gorgeous to pass up.

My current plan is to finish off the bulk of the painting for my Space Wolves so I can field a decent sized, fully painted army. After that I'm turning my attentions to the green skins and maybe towards the end of the year I'll start to build up my DE army. I don't want to rush into it like I have with my other armies. This is for several reasons such as that I don't want to have a pile of unpainted miniatures so that it seems like a massive task that I'll never complete. I also don't want to end up with models that I'm never going to use (here's looking at you skyclaws). Incidentally I might sell some of the redundant units from my wolves army to fund the DE one.

I'm not going to be completely retiring from playing SW but I'd like to try something completely different and away from power armour for a while. Might see what the next codex is to be done. I'd love it if it were Tau because I've already got a nice sized army for them and some new models would go down great. I suspect it will be Necrons though which is an army I considered before choosing SW but I was put off my a severely limited codex.

Anyway, enough rambling, I'm off to sort a few more Blog Wars things out before bed.


  1. Good job I'm not going then as I would be taking the same as Killwitch

    - Straken.

    and Marbo, Harker, and Al'Raheim :p

  2. MC TT - thats Atreides, unfortunatly Alex couldnt make it as he's got more important things to do (pfft, who celebrates their birthday ....)

    I sent over my list last night - actually a PC now so might format it better to make it clearer.

    Should be a giggle. Last games/event for my army for a little while as well! I'd have taken GK's but I feel a bit silly fielding only painted tanks.

  3. Ah oh well......

    Well the day before is my Birthday too :p

    I'm just sad I cannot go :(

  4. Happy birthday for Sat then dude!


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