Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blog Wars Tickets - 48 HOURS LEFT

The title says it all. In 48 hours your chance to participate in what is probably the first (until someone commments and tells me otherwise) blogger against blogger tournament in the 40K universe will be gone. The event is on the 5th of June (a Sunday regretably) at Maelstrom Games in Mansfield, UK. If you're not a blogger don't feel like you can't attend. The aim was for a meet and greet of bloggers but anyone is welcome.

To those of you have already bought tickets. Firstly, thank you for supporting what I'm trying to do here. Secondly, I'll be contacting you all by email soon to let you know what exactly is happening on the day and what you'll need. Please let me know if your PayPal email isn't suitable for this (I know of a few ppl where this is the case). Thirdly, if you have any special dietary requirements let me know by email so I can tell the venue and finally you have 48 hours to get your army list in so DO IT NOW!!

If there are any issues with your lists I'll email you back sharpish so we can figure it out. If you don't send me a list then I may be forced to deny you dessert at the buffet and nobody wants that so don't make me do it! 

I had a test game on Tuesday night and I'm pretty pleased with my list. I'll fill you in on the details in another post but suffice to say I'm not changing it so I'll be posting it up here on Sunday. That means I won't be making any changes based on your list.

Finally, if I do end up participating i.e. if we have even numbers on the day then I'd like to point out I won't be eligible for any prizes. If I come third for example, then the prize would go to 4th place. I won't be entered into the raffle but I do still get lunch (which I'll pay for whether I enter or not). Other than that I in no way benefit from this tournament in a monetary way and in fact if I don't end up playing I'll lose £7.50!! 

Either way, I'm really looking forward to it and I hope those of you with tickets are too. Get testing, get painting and get ready cos it's gonna be a great day. To those of you without a ticket yet get your act together. There's still time and since it's the end of the month you've probably been paid. £15 is nothing. Join in!


  1. Tested my list last night, pretty happy with it so I'll be emailing it to you asap.

    Apologies for a little hijack, but:

    To anyone else going, I'll be driving from the Oxford area on the Saturday, going to Warhammer World for my first ever visit that day, before heading to Mansfield in the afternoon. Anyone needing a lift let me know.

    Cheers, Andy

  2. Alright mate,

    Have you still got the list i sent you for the Elysians a few months ago? If not i'll get it over to you again!


  3. @ Andy - bG. Bully and Myself are also heading to Warhammer World for a day of gaming on that saturday, so if you (or anyone else for that matter) fancy joining us for some games that would be fantastic.

  4. @Atreides - definitely keen for some games (assuming I'm not still trying to finish painting my force :). Looking forward to seeing the place too.


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