Thursday, May 19, 2011

Honey, I'm home! - Blog Wars Update (again)

So you may have noticed From The Fang has been quiet over the last couple of weeks. You may not have noticed but I'd prefer to think that you have! Anyway, I'm back from my honeymoon now and I've just finished wading through all the Blog Wars emails I've received whilst I've been away. The current number of attendees stands at 24 (including myself) which I have to say makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm amazed that people are actually getting on board with this.

Anyway, ego stroking aside, we're only just over two weeks away from the big day so I hope you're all frantically painting so that everything looks pretty. I personally have a crapload of painting to do between now and then, not to mention a bit of play testing too. I've had army lists from a couple of people but I'm going to set a deadline of one week before the tournament for final submission of your list. Please try and get them in ASAP so I can find time to check them all in between painting up my army.

The final deadline for list submission will be before the end of: SATURDAY 28TH MAY

This will also be the point when I take the ticket link down. If people want tickets after this time then I'll do my best to sort it but there are only 40 spots in total so it may not be an issue.

This should also hopefully give me time to sort out any special character issues that people might have and clarify any rules or FAQ stuff. Now is the time to do it.

From reading various posts it seems like people are really embracing the Special Character thing. I was worried at first that this would alienate some of us who prefer truly competitive lists. However, the whole point was to try and encourage people to have a bit of fun with their lists and work out an army based around a character leading it. Now, I'm not naive enough to think we won't see Imperial Guard armies with Marbo or Grey Knights with Vindicare assassins but it'd be nice to think at least some of the players had properly got on board with the idea. I really hope we see a wide range of characters too as I'd love to see how some of these guys perform in battle.

I don't know about anyone else but I'm really looking forward to it. Granted I'm hoping everything goes alright on the day but basically I can't wait to get stuck in and fight some interesting armies for a change. As I've mentioned before if there's an odd number of people then I may not compete but I'll still love wandering around during games and seeing how people are using their characters.

Finally, I'd like to highlight a few sites and people who are doing their bit for Blog Wars.

Firstly, Sons of Sanguinius, the original idea for Blog Wars came from a comment form discussion between C&F, the Sons guys and myself but also Venerable Brother has been prolifically (is that a word?) writing posts about ideas for army lists. Thanks for supporting the idea guys and for flying the logo on your site.

Secondly, Andy bG from Iron Wolves has set up a Google Group to help people sort out their transport for the day. I appreciate that Sunday isn't great for travel so if you're having difficulty try using this to help you sort out lifts etc. If you're driving and might be able to give someone a ride then please join the group and volunteer. I might have space if someone is coming from the Sheffield direction?

Lastly, Brian from the Roll With It gaming club has recently set up an online t-shirt store which sells 40K related shirts of the kind you see people wearing at tournaments. It's an impressive range of designs and they're using the shop to help fund their club. We've talked about a couple of Blog Wars shirts but watch this space for those!


  1. Absolutely thrilled that you took this idea and created something that will hopefully be very special.
    great work brother...

    I would not normally take SC in an army and the many, many attemtps to come up with something fun and engaging, whlst also being competitive to a degree, has been a fantastic exercise...I know the Sons' boys have had great fun creating and playtesting ideas.

    Already looking forward to Blog Wars 2: Bigger, Badder and Bitchier! .....

    Will make sure the Sons' get their lists in on time...including my ever indecisive self!

  2. Yeah Thankd for organising this. I am looking forward to this lots. I wouldn't attend a tournement normally - some people taking the fun out of the hobby and being all too darn serious - it's meant to be fun and I look forward to meeting the people behind the blogs here in Blighty.

  3. How many participants are you hoping for? I'm posting again on 3++ soon, so can do another shout-out.

    Thanks for running the event... I'm hugely looking forward to kicking Ven's ass!

  4. Well there's 40 spots and we have 24 at the moment. There's a few people on the original list who said they were interested who haven't got tickets yet so I'm going to email them and remind them.

    Otherwise, if you want to mention it again that'd be great.

    If only there was some way for me to rig it so you had to play Ven first.....

  5. Bring it Loring!!

    Your crappy old codex cannot stand the against the might of my immense tactical knowledge, rapid response thinking and um...mainly...shiny new toys!

    I am ready to eat your heart and spit out the bad bits all over the remains of your dishevelled and utterly levelled army!!

    Love Ven

  6. Sadly I will not be able to attend due to a mix of reasons, but the main one is cash, as I need a new lptop/ pay to fix my old one.

    Hopefully next time!


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