Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Blog Wars Army List

Well since you lot have all been kind enough to submit your lists for Blog Wars it seems only fair that I should post my up here too. I have to say I'm pleased that the majority of the lists have embraced there spirit of the compulsory special character. I know that some of you might not have been keen on the idea initially but it seems from reading various blogs that people have had fun trying out different combinations. It's made people think about their army selection a bit more rather than just churning out the same old tournament list.

Anyway, here's my offering:

1749 pts of Space Wolves

Ragnar Blackmane
Rune Priest (Jaws & Lightning)

Lone Wolf w/ TDA, chainfist and storm shield
Lone Wolf w/ TDA, chainfist and storm shield
3x Wolf guard w/ combi melta & power fist

8 Grey Hunters w/ meltagun, Wulfen & standard in Rhino
8 Grey Hunters w/ meltagun, Wulfen & standard in Rhino
10 Grey Hunters w/ flamer, meltagun, power weapon, standard & Wulfen

Land speeder w/ multi-melta & heavy flamer

5 long fangs w/ 4x missile launchers
5 long fangs w/ 4x missile launchers
Land Raider Redeemer w/ multi-melta

Well nothing too shocking there. Ragnar and a full strength grey hunter squad go in the redeemer and are my "hammer" unit. It's sickening how many attacks they can put out. I had a test game against Matt's grey knights and Ragnar took out Draigo's bodyguard of terminators on his own and the rest of the squad would've finished off Draigo and a dreadknight (that I multi-charged) were it not for some good saving rolls by Matt. As it was Ragnar finished Draigo off in the following turn. I ended up losing the game but it was certainly memorable for a number of reasons. When you get a decent roll for the extra attacks from Ragnar and combine them with a Wolf Standard your opponent may as well forget it! Furious charge means they strike before most things too so it keeps them pretty safe. They completely rely on the charge though so that's where the Redeemer comes in.

The redeemer seems to get overlooked in favour of the other variants but I think the flamestorms are brilliant. It's not so much the number of marines they can kill but the fact that your opponent has to try and guess the range of a flamer template when he's trying to manoeuvre around it.

The rest of the list is pretty standard. I've never used lone wolves until recently and I have to say I love them. There may be a few groans around the blogosphere but they're in the codex same as anything else. It's amazing the amount of punishment they can take sometimes and they scare most vehicles and monstrous creatures. The long fangs are essentially there just to soften up targets for them.

Well when I got back from honeymoon I had 22 footsloggers and a land raider to paint. I've got the models sat in front of me as I type this and they're all done apart from the washes and basing. I've still got Ragnar and the Redeemer to paint but I've got plenty of time. It's a shame I've not had chance to convert up a better Ragnar. The old school model I have has no presence on the field and I'd love to try my hand at something like this.

The entire army needs free hand company logos adding to it but I think that will only happen if I've got time spare once the raider and Ragnar are done. I might even do a quick tutorial if I can. I reckon the basic logo can be broken down into shapes and it shouldn't take too long.

Well not long to go until Blog Wars now and hopefully you've either got your army painted or you're frantically getting it there. I've got a few practice games on Thursday against Matt & Scott but I'm pretty happy with the list and how it plays so it's just a wait and see. It's a good all round list but there will obviously be armies it struggles against like Grey Knights. Have to wait and see I guess. Just over 6 days to go!


  1. Looks to be a good solid list look forward to seeing how the land raider fairs as I never have much luck with them with my Templars.

    Impressive amount of painting you have churned out in the last ten days for 22 bobs & a landraider wish I painted at that speed.

  2. I like it dude - few people been running Ragnar in our store - and he's pretty cool when he touches things with a big unit behind him!

    Can feel you on the painting. I made a command unit for Blog Wars - but because this is the last set of games for it, I am finding it a little hard to go the "extra mile" I had planned with this unit and the touch ups to the rest of the army. Look decent enough though that I wont cringe when I put them on the table.

  3. Well they aren't going to win any awards but I'm pleased with them. I've got them to the point where I could come back and work on them again to improve them.

    For example, the faces need some love but who really notices during a game? Some of the bits that should be gold on the armour I've left grey/blue for speed. Otherwise my painting technique is pretty quick it's just finding a good stretch of time and doing a production line sort of thing.

    Getting a bit sick of power armour though so I might paint some orks after Blog Wars....

  4. Can't blame you for that I'm treating myself to some Tomb Kings after Blogwars for a change. While touching up the T'au as I'm in the same boat as you painting quality wise.


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