Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog Wars Tickets and Brief Hiatus

As I may have mentioned before I'm getting married in a few days. As such I'll be off on honeymoon for a couple of weeks. Obviously I'll not be blogging whilst I'm away so From The Fang will be going a bit quiet until I return.

Had a decent response on the Blog Wars tickets so far with 16 people attending at the moment. Thank you to everyone who's already bought tickets. To those who have yet to buy them I'd like to point out that since I'm going to be away you might not receive confirmation as quickly as the others have. I'll leave the PayPal link up so that people can still buy them but I'll do all the confirmations and answer any questions once I'm back. I'll try and keep an eye on my emails but without wanting to be stung with roaming charges it might be difficult. Maybe some of the hotels will have WiFi so I can at least check but I'll certainly not be blogging at the risk of divorce!

I hope you've all had a good Easter and I'll see you all at Blog Wars once I'm a married man!


  1. Congrats matey, enjoy the honeymoon!

  2. Congratulations.

    Hopefully come Thursday or Friday I'll buy my ticket.

  3. Congratulations Bud! Have a good one!

  4. Congratulations mate.
    Have a great honeymoon...don't risk divorce just yet!

  5. Congrats, have a great time - and then get back to producing more great work here, lol

  6. Yes, enjoy yourself, you lucky married chap!

    I'd come to Blog Wars if I actually owned a 40K army at the moment. Maybe next time...


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