Saturday, April 02, 2011

Off Topic: Rumours - Dark Eldar Second Wave

Unlike my previous April Fool's post about the mythical Space Wolves second wave this one is actually factual.

Headed over to GW last night to pick up an Imperial Sector boxset partly because I was inspired by What's New Today and also because we're pretty sick of the scenery we've got and wanted to make things a little more interesting. I got talking to one of the guys who works in there and he said he'd recently been on a trip to GW headquarters to see how the miniatures were designed and made. Seems that GW do it as some sort of staff morale thing i.e. if you know how they're made you'll be more excited about selling them. Anyway, I was asking him if he knew what was coming in the second wave for DE and he said that it was definitely a voidraven bomber (possibly combined with fighter) and venom. Now I know there's probably going to be more than that and that it's pretty much what everyone had guessed but suffice to say he's seen the actual models being pressed so it's almost certain that those two kits will be involved in June.

I've been considering starting a DE force ever since I first saw the shots of the new miniatures when they went up for advance order. Had a great game against them at the doubles and fancied something a bit different to paint. I'm thinking of flogging my old Eldar to pay for them but there are some models I can't bear to part with so I'll have to find another way of raising the cash. I'd very much like to reinvigorate my Tau army too if we get a new codex in the next year but I want something to do in the meantime.

My other option therefore, is Necrons. I've always liked the current range of miniatures but I wasn't really inspired by the codex. Not only is it very dated now but it's also very limiting from an army selection point of view. I think what I'll do is see if DE get a battleforce, buy one of those and then figure out if I can see myself using them as an army. If they don't really get me going then I'll consider Necrons if they get released this year as the current rumours suggest.

Suffice to say I'm sticking with Space Wolves for now and it'll be a long time before I'm anywhere near starting a DE or Necron force. Sorry for going off topic but thought I'd share the confirmation of the DE 2nd wave with anyone who's interested.

PS. I'm going to throw some posts up soon of mine and Scott's progress towards painting the city buildings.

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  1. Surely you mean Dark Eldar 3rd/4th wave, or do we count all the extra models they've been getting as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc?


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