Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It has a name...

You may have already read but I'm going to be running a singles 40K event. It'll be held on November 11th at the NWGC but when I announced it at DT2 I hadn't come up with a name or new logo yet. Well credit has to go to James Coldrick but:

I said it couldn't be Blog Wars again so I think this is pretty fitting. Still not convinced that people will understand the name or that it's even clear that it's a 40K event but when has that stopped me? What do you guys think?

More details will be announced once I've had some more games of 8th edition and figured out if what, if any, restrictions I should put in place. I'm open to suggestions as ever.

Anyway, watch this space for more info and let me know what you think about it all. Hope to see a good number of you there.


  1. I don't have any ideas etc to contribute, but after reading up about your other tournaments I'm definitely interested in coming along!

  2. I love it - but then I'm of the generation that understands the reference!

    Also somewhat obscure in 40k competition terms, but how about "Nevermind the Bull Grox"?

    I'd love to be able to come along, I'll see what I can do and see about getting some buddies to come too!

  3. I personally love the name.

    As to suggestions for restrictions, I'm thinking no Necrons allowed, whatsoever :)

    I haven't even managed a game of 8th yet but I am really looking forward to this. I'm already thinking Harlequins so I should have plenty of time to paint them up! (Famous last words)

  4. Does this mean we will be getting a guest host every other year? Will their be an intros round, an identity parade and Next Lines?! Can we get Phil Jupitus?!?

    Actually, next lines as a rules quiz could work pretty well lol.
    Looking forward to panic painting an army in the week leading up to the 11th already :D

  5. 2k with 3 games per day, or 1.5k with 4 games per day please :)

    Possibly the return of a mandatory named character?
    Maybe to be a bit different, give peoples warlords a level up system throughout the day?

    That said I wouldn't object to running the first one as plain and normal as possible for the first event whilst everyone is catching their feet. Doesn't matter either way, I'll be there :)

    1. I like the more smaller games idea. Maybe 2 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon; maybe see how long games take after a couple of months before deciding how many points?

      Maybe there could be a NMTBW-specifc strategem that we could spend our command points on? Could be tricky to design something balanced and potentially useful to all armies... I'd suggest something like bringing a dead unit back, but if someone bring back an Imperial Knight, it's not exactly fair to the person who can at best bring back a unit of 3 bikers. Then again, if everyone know that is a possibility before they sign up, maybe everyone leans away from MSU builds because of it?

    2. I also like the idea of 4 smaller games. I'm hoping to get my first game(s) of 8th this weekend and what I am most interested to experience is the speed of play. Maybe 1500pts will make for very quick games. Most of my 1850 lists from 7th seem to almost directly translate to around 2000pts in 8th, give or take a few things.

  6. Genius, but didn't Johnny say "no future" when in reality we all know there is a future, it's just "only war" ;)

  7. 3 games at 2k is enough. 4 smaller will be draining. Will forge world models be allowed?


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