Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Double Trouble 2 Painting Competition - Best Character & Best Vehicle/Monster (pic heavy)

Just like in the original Double Trouble, the painting competition at DT2 was split into four categories with £50 worth of Element Games vouchers up for grabs: Best Painted Army (£15), Best Conversions (£15), Best Painted Character (£10) and Best Painted Vehicle or Monster (£10). Players could only enter one category so it was up to them to decide which one to enter to give them the best chance of winning.

Today I'll cover the Best Army and Best Conversions entries. Much better pictures this year as we weren't playing in a cave like last year. Still, apologies as ever for the picture quality. I have to dash out and take these between entering scores and trying to eat lunch!

Best Character
Just three entries here which was a bit of a surprise for me really. Walking round I thought there were a few models that deserved the spotlight but I guess you can't force people to enter. First up, Jim Maynard's Terminator Librarian (5 votes).

In second place, James Coldrick's Emperor's Children Horus Heresy character thingy (seriously, someone correct me please) (6 votes):

But the winner was Luke Capper's Dark Eldar Succubus (16 votes):

Best Vehicle/Monster
There were five entries here. Entries could either be a monstrous creature or monster (obviously!). This is usually my favourite category as I'm a sucker for the big stuff and it didn't disappoint this year. First up, Ian Plumpton's Baal Predator (1 vote):

Closely followed by Chris Buckle's Iron Hands (cunningly disguised as DA) Land Raider (2 votes):

In third place, Mark Hinson's Tau (or is that T'au) Riptide (3 votes):

The runner up, Ben Houghton's Necron Canoptek Tomb Spyder (4 votes):

But way out in front with a whopping 17 votes and the biggest margin of victory in any of the catergories was David Irving's Fire Raptor:

As I said, I didn't play in the event so there are no battle reports from me. This therefore wraps up my coverage of DT2 but I'm sure you'll find some of the other bloggers writing up their own reports. If you want to keep track of developments with the event and find out when the next one will be then join the Double Trouble group on Facebook.


  1. Well my little Predator got a vote! Target for the next tourney:- 2 votes! :)


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