Friday, October 16, 2015

Blog Wars X Army Selection & Scoring System

The Blog Wars X army submission deadline is fast approaching with little over a week left to finalise your armies. Tomorrow I'll be sending out the BWX event pack and a few other useful documents to help you make those last minute decisions. Thank you to everyone who's sent their list in early. I think I've checked all the ones I've received so far, so if you haven't heard back from me let me know.

I wanted to touch on a couple of things today that I've mentioned in previous posts but figured it was worth reminding people about now whilst they're writing their lists.

Army Selection
There were a few changes from BW9 to BWX (aside from going to numerals!). Most notably that you are now allowed to take any two detachments of your choice. There is no longer a restriction on double CAD or any other formation/detachment being taken more than once. That's assuming there aren't any official rule restrictions that would prevent you from doing so. I did this for two reasons. One to make an effort to embrace the army selection craziness that is 7th edition and two to make my life less of a headache when checking lists!!

Lords of War remain permitted although with some restrictions. There's a set list of allowed LoW and some that are restricted to one per army. Essentially the infantry ones can be taken alongside other Super Heavy/Gargantuan LoWs. Bear in mind that it was nigh on impossible to find the right wording to say this so that doesn't mean you can take two Logan Grimnars (he's still unique). What you can do though is take Ghazghkull and a Stompa if you so desire. Make sense? Good.

The only exception to the LoW restrictions are Imperial Knights who may be fielded in quantities of up to two per army.

Finally, as ever Forge World units aren't permitted and each army must include a Special Character as their "Hero" in the Primary Detachment.

Scoring System
The main aim of the BW scoring system is to make sure that each game is worth the same number of points. This hopefully minimises the impact of playing a particular opponent. Obviously there'll still be some rock-paper-scissors but particularly in the VP game you won't end up in a situation where you can only score a maximum of 5 VPs because your opponent has an elite army.

One of the problems people cite with the scoring system is that it doesn't reward victory enough. The previous system was based solely on raw VPs and winning the game was potentially less important. That was kind of the idea but on reflection it feels a bit wrong for someone who had one lucky big win and two losses to place higher than someone who fought hard to get three narrow victories. In the past I've used the old Open War system which assigned points to margin of victory and Matt used a similar system in his proposed, but postponed, Fluffageddon event. I'll be shamelessly stealing Matt's system and combining it with the BW scenarios. That means each game will be worth the same points but victory will be more important. It'll work as follows:
  • 30 Tournament points for a win, with the victory point difference being 21 or more
  • 25 Tournament points for a win, with the victory point difference being 11-20
  • 20 Tournament points for a win, with the victory point difference being 1-10
  • 15 Tournament points for a draw
  • 10 Tournament points for a loss, with the victory point difference being 1-10
  • 5 Tournament points for a loss, with the victory point difference being 11-20
  • 0 Tournament points for a loss, with the victory point difference being 21 or more
Naturally there'll be players who score the same number of tournament points. In these cases I'll separate them by VPs scored and then their "goal difference". That will prevent any tie breaks unless somehow people score exactly the same and allow exactly the same number of VPs for their opponents!

Bonus VPs from stripping wounds or hull points from LoW will be recorded separately as bonus VPs which will be added to the VP totals but it will still not be possible to score more than 33 VPs per round (30 Primary + 3 Secondary). The same goes for bonus VPs from things like killing an Ethereal.

Please either comment or email me with questions as soon as possible. I'd like to send the Event Pack etc out tomorrow so if I need to change anything significant now's the time to mention it.


  1. Hey Alex :) good stuff, sounds like a good idea. Am interpreting it correctly that the secondary vps help decide who wins, and then also get added on to your score afterwards? Does that make sense?

    So like, if win by 11 points and get two secondaries within that, do I get 27 points for that round?

    1. No, the primary and secondary VPs will be added together before being converted into TPs. So in your example you'd get 25 points. The VP totals will then be used to separate everyone on 25 pts.

      On reflection yours is a good idea though. Problem is it makes secondaries too valuable and would still need to separate by VP totals.

  2. I like the idea of rewarding victories, so I'm very happy with the amended scoring system.

    I'm looking forward to the day out and my first games of 40k in about 2 months!


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