Saturday, October 03, 2015

Blog Wars X - One Ticket Left & Rule Decisions

Well it's been a pretty slow couple of weeks for hobby progress. I haven't even posted for a fortnight!! Anyway, I'm posting today to mention that there's just one ticket left for Blog Wars X in a month or so. I'm incredibly happy to have sold so well for the "Winter" Blog War which traditionally doesn't see the same level of attendance as the Summer one. I've already started putting together the usual pile of prizes plus some surprise extras this time around! I won't be revealing those until the big day though.

So in the last post I was discussing some proposals for rule clarifications/amendments that I think will help prevent some of the nastier combinations that appear at other events. There was plenty of discussion in the comments section which is always nice to see and as a result I want to make the following final rulings. Please bear in mind, as I've said many times before, Blog Wars is supposed to be different from other events. I work hard to find a suitable balancing point that allows people to bring the vast majority of their favourite units without preventing others from feeling like they can field their favourites. Frankly it's an impossible task with the number of new units and rules that have been hitting us this year. I gave up trying to make everyone happy some time ago but hopefully the majority of people are. Anyway, these rulings will be fixed for BWX. That doesn't mean things won't change for the next event but I want to make these final rulings so that people know what to expect when writing their armies.

  • Invisibility - remains banned. If you roll it when generating powers you may roll the dice again until you get something else. Obviously you must take the first non-invisibility power you generate.
  • Re-rolled Saves - I'm sticking with my ruling that Invulnerable or Cover save re-rolls are only passed on 4+. That's still an 83% chance of passing a 3+ save with 4+ re-roll and 92% for 2+ with 4+ re-roll. Not quite so obscene but still powerful (basically the BW motto!). Armour saves may still be re-rolled as normal.
  • Best Save - this is the only one I'm going back on. In order to get a cover save the Ravenwing would need to Jink which (most of the time) has drawbacks. Therefore it only seems fair that they take what is statistically the best save. For example, against normal AP4 or above fire they would take their re-rollable 4+ save. Against AP3 or less they'd have to take their cover save anyway. Obviously against Ignores Cover AP3 or less weaponry they wouldn't get either! You get the idea.
  • Tau - the new codex will not be in use as there won't have been enough time. Same goes for the Stormsurge, Ghostkeel etc. As much as I'd love to see them in action I think there needs to be a cut off point for new units.
I hope none of these things piss people off too much. I'm really sorry about the Tau but it's just unfortunate timing on GW's part. Comments/criticism welcome as always.


  1. Hi Alex,
    I'm still a little confused about the Best Save ruling: Ravenwing have normal 3+ armour save and a Jink save (which is re-rollable). From above "For example, against normal AP4 or above fire they would take their re-rollable 4+ save"- their 4+ re-rollable save is their Jink/cover save, does this mean that I MUST Jink every time the unit is fired at and I don't have a choice in which save to use?

    1. Not at all. If you haven't Jinked (which must be declared when targeted) you wouldn't even have a cover save (unless in cover of course). If you have then the 4+ cover with reroll would be your best save.

      The point is you can make an informed decision about whether to Jink or not. If you choose to you'll need to use the 4+ rerollable cover save over your armour save as this is the "best".

    2. Ah, thanks for clearing that up!

      Looking forward to blog wars, been training with my army for a while now (I'm glad blog wars is a friendlier event as my Ravenwing's performance has not been stellar!). It's good that you are getting a great turnout once again, I really enjoyed attending the last event and plan to make it a regular occurrence.

  2. I'm not sure if this has been brought up yet, but are secondary VP being capped this time (i.e. maximum of 3 per round)? I noticed in the scoring at the last BW that some people ended up with 9 bonus VPs in some rounds and it just seemed a bit wonky.

    1. I can see your point, but in some respects it's a balance for taking super heavies- the risk of giving away extra victory points for you and the reward for your pope won that comes with "taking them down" as it were.

      Having said this, if I was cost a ranked place because I'd been lucky enough not to fight and beat some superheavies, I don't know how I'd feel about it then!

  3. Sucks about the banning of invis, personally felt the comped version you used in the last blog wars was a neat and fair compromise, especially combined with restricting it from use on LoW, but it is what it is, and anyone relying on it was probably in for a bad time every once in a while anyways lol.
    Can't wait for the tourney, always excited when Blog Wars rolls round :)


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