Friday, July 10, 2015

Guest Post: Fluffageddon Rules Queries

Here's another post from Matt:

I just want to clear a few things up on the duplications rule:
  • Units of the same type that can be selected from different slots do not count as duplications. This is to prevent it becoming too complicated, such as command squads being counted as the same as veteran squads etc.  
  • Units that can have a mixture of different types of models are always duplications if two are taken. For example a leman russ squadron is a duplication of another leman russ squadron even if the first squadron contains battle tanks and the second contains demolishers as each unit could contain a mixture. 
  • Astra militarum platoons count as a single unit choice, and so two platoons may be taken 
  • However the max squad size rule still comes into play during the game and so combined squads of guardsman can never be over twice their starting size (so only two squads can be combined to make a max size of 20 guardsmen) 
  • Models selected from a single choice within a codex (e.g. 0-3 per.... etc) only count as a single choice per 0-3 selected. 
Below is an example of an Astra Militarum list:

Combined Arms Detachment - 1850pts
Primaris psyker ML2

Tank Commander (Pask) in Punisher with another Punisher (both with HBs and lascannons)

Tempestus Scions, 5 man with 2 melta

Infantry Platoon
2 infantry squads both with lascannons
Platoon command with 4 flamers

Infantry Platoon
2 infantry squads one with lascannon, one with autocannon
Platoon command

Veterans (demolitions) in Chimera with 3 melta


Leman Russ squadron – 2 Executioners with plasma sponsons and lascannons

Wyvern Battery – 2 Wyverns

The only duplications are the infantry platoons. The Leman Russ are not duplicated as they are in different slots. The priests do not count as a duplication as they are selected as a single choice (0-3). Therefore 3 could be taken as a single choice if desired. I would combine the infantry squads into two 20 man squads with priests and a psyker in one to hopefully cast Prescience on my Executioners. Platoon Command with flamers will go into the Vendetta and the other will support the infantry squads.

Hope this helps with list writing!



  1. Ah ok you told me slightly different when I emailed you, that the Leman Russ command squad would be a duplication of the Leman Russ heavy squad. Now this makes absolutely no difference to MY army, I have no Leman Russes planned at all, but I have mentioned it to others. Glad you have clarified.

    One other thing, would the priests be a duplication? They (and the psykers) are a 0-3 choice so I thought they would come in under the max of 2 rule, but wouldn't be a duplication. You've seen my list which has two duplications, not including the 2xPriest and 2xPrimaris Psyker. You said it was ok. Has that changed? Cos I've nearly finished painting the infantry for this army... :-S

    1. Yes I remember your list now you've said that. I've had a few Astra lists sent to me. I think I will stick to what I said originally and keep models that are selected as units of 0-3 etc only counting as a single choice as they do in the codex. I've ammended my post. Matt

    2. Phew... massive sigh of relief there :P I had some time so I have churned through the painting this past fortnight, getting all 80 of the infantry done for the list I sent you... then I saw your clarifications and pretty much went "eep" :-P

      I'm happy with the 1-3 is a single unit choice, though technically I thought it'd be 1-2 (minimum size of 1, therefore no more than twice the starting size) Makes no further difference to me, just in case anyone else picks up on it.

      Thanks for ruling in my favour, I have put a holiday request in with my new employer, I hope to find out this week if it is approved and then should be able to grab some tickets :) I'm pleased to say my usual tournament buddy ahs also put together a list that he is starting to take a shine to, so hopefully we can get a couple of names on that list and start the ball rolling :)


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