Friday, July 03, 2015

From The Fang Blogroll

Just a quick post this evening to say that I'm always prepared to add other blogs to my "Recommended Reading" segment on the right (web version of the blog only). I know there were a couple of people who'd already sent requests to be added but there's been an issue with Blogger preventing me from adding them so please get back in touch and I should now be able to add you.

I tend to filter through them from time to time and remove blogs which haven't had posts for a few months but other than that there's no restriction. Well, they have to be wargaming related at least (though not necessarily 40K). I'm always looking for more blogs to add to my own reading list so the more the merrier!

Please use the "contact me" link on the right (again web version only) and send me your details and I'll add you as soon as you can. I'd appreciate you linking back to From The Fang in return but again, this isn't compulsory. I get a reasonable amount of traffic, around 1200-1500 pageviews per day, so hopefully you'll see some extra visitors.

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  1. I don't do my blog anymore (it's to similar to my job for one thing!) but if reccomend STand war gaming blog if it's not already there. Micheals blog is newish but s great read and he posts regularly.


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