Saturday, July 04, 2015

Guest Post: Fluffageddon Reminder

A Warhammer 40K 1850 point Singles Tournament
Saturday 5th September 2015
Northwest Gaming Centre in Stockport

Matt here again, just writing a quick post to remind everyone about my first 40K tournament coming up in September.

Fluffageddon is a slightly different take on the regular 40k tournament model.

The aim of Fuffageddon is to create a tournament that is enjoyable for everyone who attends. I have tried to create a system that is fair and rewards people for bringing more varied army lists that are enjoyable to both play with and against. The restrictions and comp rules are there to prevent people bringing filthy spammy lists (you could say unfluffy) and encourage people to think outside the box a little more a try something a bit different, maybe an army that better represents the faction they are fighting for (you could say fluffy).

Granted it is still possible to bring a load of filth even with the restrictions I have put in place, but that is why I also have a set of prizes that are only available to the top ranking ‘fluffy’ armies (to see how your army can qualify as fluffy see the rules pack). This should hopefully serve as further encouragement to bring something a little more friendly and fun to use.

I have had loads of interest in the tournament so far and everyone seems very positive about the idea. A few have commented on how the restrictions make list building a bit more of a challenge, but also said how they are enjoying that challenge.

The rules pack is available here.

Please drop me an e-mail or post a comment on here if you have any queries. A few people have already sent me lists to check for fluffiness and so feel free to do that too using the e-mail address in the rules pack.

As soon as you buy a ticket your name will go on the list which can be found on the Fluffageddon page, found by clicking on the Fluffageddon image on the right.

I will post up more information about the event, such as prizes etc, in the next few months. But basically if you’ve attended Blog Wars before then you can expect a similar experience, just with different rules, a slightly different format and a more attractive (but maybe slightly less experienced) TO on the microphone.

Hope to see you there,


  1. Would love to come to this as it sounds like my kinda tournament, but we are having our first child very shortly so I won't be able to come to this one :(

  2. I've had a few similar questions regarding platoons and squadrons in Astra militarum armies and I've said the following:

    In the spirit of the event I think that limiting Astra too much due to these restrictions would not help people to create 'fluffy' lists. Therefore I am happy for a platoon to count as one unit for the purpose of both rules. So 2 platoons max with 40 guardsmen max in each platoon and 6 heavy weapons teams etc. However I would say that a combined squad can only be 20 models maximum.

    Vehicle squadrons count as 1 unit with a max of 2 vehicles per unit. A leman Russ of any variation is a duplication of any other leman Russ.

    I will also update the rulespack with this



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