Sunday, March 29, 2015

Community Support - MAD Wargames Club (nr. Melton Mowbray)

I had an email from Nick Thrower over at The Burning Eye asking for my help in trying to keep his local gaming club afloat. They've been struggling for members recently and he was hoping that he might be able to find some local gamers on the lookout for a new club by asking on his blog. You can read his post here for more details.

Seems they meet on Thursday evenings in Asfordby (nr. Melton Mowbray). My geography is pretty terrible but Google Maps tells me that's not far from Leicester! I've often thought about joining a gaming club but I'd struggle to commit to a regular slot thanks to my often hectic life recently.

Anyway, head over to Nick's blog and check them out. Clubs like this are really important for the wargaming community and I'm sure they're worth checking out at least. Incidentally it's also worth having a look around Nick's blog at his Dark Eldar army that he's getting ready for Blog Wars 9. I've been following it with interest and I'm looking forward to seeing it for real.

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