Monday, March 23, 2015

Blog Wars 9 Completely Sold Out!

Well I never thought I'd be saying this but I've sold the full complement of 50 tickets for Blog Wars (including my own spot at #50). Even allowing for a few dropouts it's going to be a record attendance for a Blog Wars event and I'm already excited about the prospect. I'm confident that with the changes I've made to scoring and organisation I'll still be able to keep the event running smoothly and as close to time as humanly possible. 

I'll be publishing more details of the prizes on offer for those lucky enough to attend the event and I'm in talks with a couple of sponsors to add even more to the stack of prizes. I'm sure this will be the best Blog Wars ever. There's a great mixture of new guys and veterans as ever and that will help keep it feeling like a close atmosphere even with the higher than normal player count.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support this event!

Codices without a Special Character
I've just added an extra paragraph into the rules pack which says:

"these codices are exempt from the compulsory SC rule (since they don't have any options). A Character unit must still be chosen as the "Commander" for Blog Wars mission purposes e.g a Shadowseer for Harlequins. In the case of Imperial Knights this will always be the same unit as the Warlord. The units are still worth 100 bonus BPs in the first mission but DO NOT receive the Objective Secured rule in missions 2 and 3."

Basically I realised that I was preventing anyone from running Harlequins or Imperial Knights as their Core force simply because they don't have an SC to include. I could have insisted that an Imperial Knight player uses Gerantius but that seems a little too prescriptive. Please note the last line though. Since you aren't being forced to take an SC I didn't think it was fair for you to benefit from the Objective Secured bonus in the objective missions in the same way that other players would who'd tailored their list around an SC. 

GW is making it harder to keep my SC rule but it's a big part of the identity of the event and I'm keen to stick with it as long as it seems feasible. At the moment there are only three armies which are eligible as Core forces but don't have an SC within their codex. These are Harlequins, Militarum Tempestus and Imperial Knights (plus Iron Hands from the SM codex). If the rumours are true about Skitarii (and there are pictures so I'd expect they are!) then I suspect they'll need to be added to this list too.

If you can think of any books I've forgotten or have any other comments about this change please let me know below.

I'm hoping not to need to make any further changes to the rules pack as I know people like to plan their army well in advance to make sure they have everything painted. Of course, some things are out of my control though as who knows what GW will have thrown at us by June!


  1. Sold out, well done!!!

  2. Scratch that. I've just had an email from someone who's dropping out of the event. First come first served on his ticket!

  3. Well done...well still well done at 49/50 :)

  4. How do i get a ticket and were is it. Id love to bring my space wolves army to play.

    1. Full details can be found on the BW9 page by clicking on the logo on the right hand side. I'm afraid I've already filled the space created by the guy who dropped out though but if you email me your details I can add you as a reserve.


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