Thursday, August 18, 2011

Upcoming Tournaments

After the somewhat mixed success of Summer Skirmish I'm keen to put in a better performance at the other ones I've got planned for this year. First off there's the End Times tournament this weekend at Warhammer World where we'll play several 1000 and 1500pt games followed by a final 2000pt game to wrap it up. With a lot of the top players away at ETC there might be a decent chance of me finishing in a respectable position but I'm not holding my breath.

After that Matt and I are returning to Warhammer World for the 40K doubles run by GW. The event in February was only our second ever outing on the tournament scene and we finished well up the table which I'm pretty satisfied with all things considered. It seemed rude not to attend when our photo is on everyone's ticket! This time around we're swapping the Blood Angels out in favour of the flavour of the month Grey Knights. We're pretty pleased with the list we've come up with and have been play testing with some of the guys from Roll With It. The scenarios GW have dreamt up aren't really very inspiring in my view but there are rumours abound that these events will be testing out the 6th edition scenarios so hopefully they'll be refined before then.

Then it's a 2 month wait for my next tournament which is the hotly anticipated (by me at least) Blog Wars 2!. I've been working on some custom scenarios with Matt and I hope to release details of them soon so people can start play testing. We've deliberately made them nice and simple so that it won't need much practice to get the idea. To be honest you could probably turn up on the day having not even read them and still get the idea. I think the mistake people make with custom scenarios is assuming that everyone will have time to test them out. The aim of them for Blog Wars 2 is to encourage people to really think about their choice of compulsory Special Character. This should hopefully prevent people from taking their usual tournament list and just ditching a couple of things to squeeze in an SC. 
More details on Blog Wars 2 soon. I'll have a lot more free time after this weekend since I don't need to painting anything for the doubles. I'm still toying with the idea of taking Dark Eldar to BW2 though so that might require a good bit of painting.

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  1. Don't think I'll be going to a tournament until blog wars which will be the last outing of my wolves for a while, after that it will be grey knights at Caledonian Open.


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