Friday, August 19, 2011

Off to End Times Tomorrow at WHW

Just a quick post to say that Matt and I are heading to Warhammer World for the End Times 40K tournament this weekend. Unfortunately for the organisers they managed to pick the weekend when the ETC is happening over in that there Europe. At last count there are only 13 people taking part with one of the organisers having to step in to cover the odd number.

It's a massive shame that there aren't more opponents as it means that it's quite likely that I'll end up playing the same opponent twice and that there's a strong chance I'll get paired against Matt. Not that I mind battling him but we can do that without having paid for a tournament and travelled to Nottingham. The trouble with hosting a tournament at WHW is that they charge you to hire the hall. I personally think this is a bit disgusting when indepent venues, such as Maelstrom, provide the venue for free in the hopes of gaining some store revenue from competitors. Not only that but they offer 15% off during the tournament. I'll die of shock if GW every decide to do such a thing, All the same it's an excuse to go to Warhammer World and meet some new people, roll some dice and who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and do quite well!

There'll be 8 games in total, 4 at 1000pts, 3 at 1500pts and the final game at 2000pts. Should make for some quick matches early on and plenty of chance to try my wolves out against a variety of opponents. Anyway, that about covers it so I'll post up some battle reports from it at some point. Maybe tomorrow night but it depends how shattered I am.

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