Monday, June 06, 2016

The Inaugural Double Trouble Pie Charts Post!

Those of you who've attended Blog Wars or else read this blog for a while will know that there's been a bit of a tradition that once all of the armies have been submitted I put together a few pie charts to break down the armies. Well, it seemed only right that the tradition continue into Double Trouble so here goes.

As ever, thanks to all of you for submitting your lists in advance of the event. I have to say having a lot of them in Battlescribe format made things pretty easy. Obviously I rely on the datafiles being correct but they're generally pretty good and a damn sight easier than me trying to know every codex inside and out (I used to be able to!). It also helped that we're only talking about single detachment 750pt armies! There are a few reasons for me asking for lists beforehand. Firstly, it means that hopefully when you play your games you aren't finding errors which need to be corrected. This would be particularly bad if they were only spotted later in the tournament. Secondly, it gives me an idea of who's actually coming to the event. Some people buy tickets well in advance and forget all about actually booking time off work etc. Finally, it lets me produce the pie charts that you'll be able to enjoy today.

The Pie Charts
First off the traditional faction breakdown pie chart:

This one was always the most colourful at Blog Wars and Double Trouble is no exception. On the face of it there seems to be a really good mix of factions represented with nearly all of them getting at least one army. However, there are notable absences from Astra Militarum (I'm shocked as I think they'd be great at 750pts), Skitarii, Chaos Space Marines and Necrons. It's pretty power armour-tastic though. When you combine all the armies into either "Space Marines" or "Everything Else" it looks like this:

Before you say anything, I know that I didn't really need a pie chart to show 50% but screw you, I like pie! I really hope all the armies have something to deal with power armour because you can expect to see at lot of it! This prevalence of power armour could be one of two things, either it represents the general popularity of the Adeptus Astartes or perhaps that they're pretty flexible and well suited to the tournament. It's probably a combination of both. Either way, there's actually a good variety of different armies in there. Surprisingly there's only one lot of White Scars and several chapters are represent in one way or another. Not to mention a couple of 30K armies.

When we add in the Mechanicum stuff and compare that to the number of Xenos and Chaos armies we get something like this:
Not surprisingly there's a hefty chunk of Imperium right there. As you know, there's no CSM so all of the Chaos chunk comes from Daemons (well one Khorne Daemonkin army). Up until I had a last minute drop-out, all 4 Chaos gods were represented. Sadly, Slaanesh is left wanting but who knows, those Eldar might oblige.

Next up, let's look at the detachment types in use. Remember you could only use a single detachment or formation:
That's a whole heap of CADs! It's surprising really when you consider how many different formations and detachments are out there. I suppose the heavy focus on Maelstrom could be a factor here with plenty of Objective Secured in play. I'm surprised that when you total it all up the split between Detachment and Formation looks like this:

Can't say I'm really complaining because I'm not a big fan of Formations but it's suprising we didn't see more of them. I'm assuming this is down to the force selection restrictions. Firstly, a lot of formations would either by way over 750 pts or too far under. Secondly, the maximum of two of a certain unit means others simply can't be made at all. Still, there were some formations I expected to see that didn't make an appearance.

Finally, let's look at Forge World usage. This is the first time for a while that I've allowed Forge World units to be taken. It's certainly the first time since they were officially legal in 40K. I think the last time I permitted their use was something like BW2!! I'd expected quite a few people to take me up on the offer:
Not exactly ten-a-penny (especially not at FW prices!) but as you can see a quarter of the armies will have some sort of Forge World unit. There are three 30K full FW armies with two Legiones Astartes and one Mechanicum force. The "single units" title is slightly misleading, some armies have more than one FW unit in there but basically the majority of those armies is still codex.

Right, I'm well and truly stuffed with pies now so I think it's time to call it a night. I'll be back later in the week to show you my feeble efforts at getting my Dark Eldar ready for the event and to talk you through my list. Speaking of which, Luke Fogg has done just that in a video you can see here.

I'll also be posting a few more pictures I've had through. There's still time to get your army featured so send me some pictures if you'd like that to happen. Not long to go now!


  1. Great charts, always a good read.
    I think heresy armies have to pay a primuium for their units so at 750 we are left short, however they are great models so it's worth playing for that alone.
    Me and Rob are hoping to get some Friday night heresy gaming in before hand so really looking forward to it!

  2. I am a formation playing Iron Hand. I am a special and delicate flower. Armed with more Demolisher cannons than there is any reason for...

    Seriously though, it looks like it should be a fun mix. Shame that those few Codices are missing, but that's always the way I guess.

    Looking forward to seeing you all there! SHould be there Friday night.

  3. That's some good pie! I do think I might be a bit screwed with all that Powrama running around so I'm glad I get an ally each round!

  4. I say this every time, but I love a good pie chart. So tasty. And thanks for the plug Alex! Double my number of views to 29, excellent. I thought video was a nice way to broadcast what I'm taking :)

  5. I ended up being the only Blood Angel player, well that's cool!

  6. Can't believe I'm the only one representing the Greenskins. Oh well, nobody else is going to have 100 models on the board but me then ;)

    1. Well, until you're opponent's first shooting phase :P

      Honestly, I'm looking forward to seeing that!

  7. bah really? fat lot of good those grav centurions are gonna do me lol


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