Sunday, June 19, 2016

Double Trouble Painting Competition - Single Miniatures

Finally in this rundown of the painting portion of the event, we come to the two single miniature categories. There were prizes for Best Character and Best Vehicle/Monster. Let's look at the Characters first.

Best Painted Character
There were just four entries in this category which sat on my desk while I was entering the round 1 scores over the lunch break. Fortunately, I managed to persuade a couple of people to light them up with their phones so I could get slightly better pictures. First up, coming all the way from Germany was Kai-Uwe Müller-Joswig's cataphractii terminator (SW Wolf Guard Battle Leader) which received 3 votes:

Next up Dave Weston's Techmarine which was frankly underrated with 6 votes:

Matt Greenwood's Fateweaver took 9 votes for second place (our mutual friend Scott actually painted it so Matt was planning on giving the prize to him if he won!):

In the closest category, Martin Waine took first place by just two votes with his Wolf Priest (who looks suspiciously like a SM Chaplain to me!):

Best Painted Vehicle or Monster
There were five entries in this category. Here's the runners up first:

In second place was Dan Wellington's Kastelan Robot. I never got round to seeing the army close up which was a shame because I'm still toying with an orange Ad Mech force to go with my knights:

It was another Mechanicum unit that took first place though with Rob Hill (of 30Kplus40K fame) getting 15 votes (54%) for his Forge World tank thingy (Krios to the initiatied):

Apologies to all of the painters for the poor photography and for not having a better set up for things. This wasn't totally my fault with the hand I'd been dealt by the venue but I probably could've done something better in hindsight.

In the next post(s) I'll be covering my own battles at DT then I'll be asking people for feedback on the painting competition and everything else about the event in the post after that.


  1. Hi guys, utterly devastated I couldn't make the inaugural double Trouble (work buggered me) and from what I hear it was a brilliant event, Alex always does a brilliant job and the events have always been the best I've gone to, no idea when the next event is but I look forward to seeing you all, and hopefully I'll get to give my KDK a spin

    1. It was a shame you couldn't make it. Thank you for the kind words. The next DT will be June(ish) next year depending on venue. However, Matt's tournament "Fluffageddon" will run in November. Details will be out soon.

  2. Also big shout out to everyone that puy in so much effort to the modelling and painting for the event, it's always great to see everyone do their best and bring some truly inspiring work to the tables, I look forward to shedding all your blood in the name of Khorne hopefully soon!

  3. Great photos, thanks Alex! I think i said this on daves blog, the painting side of things is where I need to go-to-town in a big way. What I might do is do a charecter all crazy ass like for fluffagedon. That ways it's only one model. I'm never gonna get my stuff to naffnaffs standard across the whole army, but I could maybe take a swing at a librarian or a commissar.

    1. I've decided I actually enjoy painting single models more than big units (although I suspect everyone does). That's probably why I enjoyed painting the IK so much.


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