Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ian Plumpton's Stormsurge won at Blog Wars X

Just a quick post tonight folks to give you the promised pictures of Ian Plumpton's Stormsurge which he won as the top prize in the raffle at BWX, the final Blog Wars event.

It's frustrating not be able to show you the Stormsurge that I "won" at the event. I use the inverted commas because the generous Blog Wars faithful all clubbed together and bought me both that and the new Tau codex. It's sat basecoated in Mechanicum Standard Grey but I've not made any more progress. Perhaps I'll return to it once my IK project is out of the way. Too many models and too little time! I have to say that Ian's colour scheme is very striking and makes me wish I had the time or enthusiasm to rework my Tau. On that subject I'll probably write a post once the IK project is done trying to plan out my hobby activities for the rest of the year. I really needs to have scenery in there!!

Anyway, here's a couple more shots of Ian's Stormsurge:

If you want to see more pictures of Ian's Stormsurge or any of his other stuff then head over to his new blog: Krak Addict. Ian and Jonathan Lyness have set up the blog so keep an eye on there for what I'm sure will be great content.

Oh and if you want to win yourself something big like a Stormsurge then you can buy your Double Trouble tickets by clicking on the logo on the right. The prizes for the raffle won't be announced until nearer the time (and will depend on ticket sales) but suffice to say I'm aiming to keep the same theme of a big top prize worth somewhere in the region of a Stormsurge and then some other prizes which will all be worth more than the ticket price.


  1. Thanks for posting, now I can add these guys to the blog roll for good reads. Cheers Alex

  2. Thanks for sharing my photos and for the blog shout out! Blogwars X was easily the best £17.50 I've ever spent. Can't wait for Double Trouble!

  3. Every intention to be there for Double Trouble, just need to manage finances first before I book a ticket :)

  4. Working on possible KDK for double Trouble will have images going up on the krak addict as soon as I get some more painting in, it gets really difficult the amount of trips to the continent I go on lol


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