Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Killed by the Drones!

Points for anyone getting the reference there. Anyway, with my wife and son out for the day on Monday I decided to put in a hobby stint (well after I'd finished the list of jobs I was left with). I managed to get the drones done and decided to have a crack at some sept markings.

My first attempt, on a fire warrior pulse rifle, was far to thick and pale. I therefore decided to put some thin stripes of Mephiston Red down first on some drones. I then went over this with a couple of thin layers of Troll Slayer Orange.

I'd probably get away with a single coat of Jokaero Orange since it's a base colour. However, I don't own any so who knows. I think they add a little bit of pop but they'll be of more impact on the vehicles since I'll be able to bigger areas. I thought I might put some transfers on them and then use them as effectively stencils for going over in Orange.

I think you guys are right too, the black in the panel gaps and highlights will make things look a lot better. That'll take a very long time to accomplish though.

So, from my list of jobs I've only got the following left:

  • Sept markings
  • Squad markings (maybe done with varying sept markings on squads)
  • Panel lines
  • Highlights
  • Transfers
  • Improved basing
Still plenty to do then! One thing's for sure though. I'll find it even more fun to annoy Matt with drones now they're painted!


  1. Black in the panel lines... could be done quite quickly if you clearcoat your models with a gloss pray on or airbrush varnish..

    then hit them with a black oil paint wash made with white spirit- the black will flow into the lines like you wouldn't believe and then once dry (takes a while) any overspill can be cleaned of with white spirnt dampened q tips

    1. I always forget about the q-tips! Thanks Karitas!

    2. Presumably you then give them a coat of matt varnish again afterwards?

  2. How big are you going to make the sept markings on the vehicles?

    1. Haven't really decided yet. Obviously they need to be scaled up a bit. I'm going to mirror the drone markings on the piranhas (since that's where they came from) and then do a similar thing with the drones for the devilfish. The fire warriors will get sept markings on their helmets to create squad demarcation.

  3. I use Jokaero Orange extensively on my Ryza AdMech, and it's great. You're definitely getting good results here, tho, so if you're happy with it, keep on rollin'.

    1. Well I'm happy with the shade of orange so I think I'll stick with my current mix. If I ever get Admech they'll be Ryza I think to complement my IK.


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