Monday, August 03, 2015

Guest Post: Fluffageddon Cancelled (well postponed for a year)

Hi everyone. I'm really sorry to say that I'm going to have to cancel the Fluffageddon tournament, that was due to take place on September 5th, until next year. This is due to lack of sufficient ticket sales to cover costs.

I've had quite a few interested in the tournament (emailing questions to me, verbally stating interest at Blog Wars and registering interest on NWGC Facebook page). However, this has only translated into a few ticket sales. Therefore I have made the decision to postpone the tournament and run it next year instead. I've made the decision to cancel now so that people don't waste time getting an army ready or making any other plans related to the tournament (e.g. booking trains).

The plan is to run Fluffageddon on November 12th 2016. This would have been the date for Blog Wars 12, but Alex has decided to only run one Blog Wars next year (on June 11th) and so I will take the other slot, he'd already booked for Blog Wars 12, for Fluffageddon.

This is well over a year away but the idea is that it won't be running close to a Blog Wars event and people will have plenty of time during the year to plan and create a suitable army. I realise that 40K may change considerably over this period of time but I plan to write a new rules pack that will be released at the start of the year and updated as the year goes on. The format will be similar but I will make sure it is much clearer with a section on duplications for every army in 40K.

I'm not really sure why I didn't sell enough tickets this time. It could be that people weren't willing to try something different or they felt that they couldn't create an army that was competitive enough with the given restrictions. It could have been that people simply didn't have a large enough variety of units in their collection to run an 1850 point army using the restricted rules. It could simply be that not enough people knew about the tournament. I would appreciate any comments on why people didn't decide to buy a ticket and also any comments on the tournament rules and restrictions as this may help when I write the new and improved rules pack for the tournament next year.

Finally I'm really sorry to the people who were intending to come and I hope that you will attend the event next year. To everyone else reading this, put November 12th 2016 in your calendar and get a ticket bought early. Details will be on here early 2016.



  1. Sad to hear this. There were a couple of reasons I could not attend:-

    It is very close to Blog wars, and having a newborn kid limits the amount of events I can attend this year. I have attended alot of blog wars and really enjoy them so chose that as my tournament of the year.

    I think your concerns about the amount of models people own to be able to field an army with the restrictions you enforce is valid. I know that my DE would be extremely hampered by this, whereas some of the newer codexes would still shine as they have alot of excellent choices and can still field a highly competitive army.

  2. Thats a shame Matt - similarly, I would have liked to come, but am going to a wedding that weekend so there was no way of making it. I should be able to come to next years though.

  3. The reason I was not attending was the proximity to blog wars (the travel and hotel costs are too great to get to both events).

    I had a look at the army restriction rules, I haven't been through my armies yet, but I may have been struggling to field an army with the current models I have that was in any way semi-competitive.

  4. Hello Matt,
    I was hoping to go to fluffmageddon however with the near arrival of my first born, I haven't been able to get my army together to meet the selection criteria. So hadn't got round to buying a ticket.
    As an example I would have had to paint around 50 gaunts to and 6 beasties to have an army that I would have been happy to field. Simple lack of time was against me on that one.
    I would hopefully be able to attend next year. And would look forward to trying something different.
    I'm glad that you haven't decided to just throw the towel in though.

  5. Thanks for the feedback and positive comments. I am going to look at the restrictions and talk to people about the rules pack. Hopefully I'll be able to come up with something that more people will be happy with.

    1. Have you thought about reducing the points values? A highlander style restriction works pretty well, but not at GT tournament point levels. Generally fielding a unit restricted list at 1k points is a heck of a lot easier then 1850.

    2. 1500 pts might make it easier to pick armies, plus games would not take as long or could be completed in the timescale.
      My only concern would be that Knights or superheavies would be much more dominant at this points cost (if they are allowed).

    3. Thanks. Yes I did think that 1850 probably was too high, to be honest the points limit was decided at that level so that the tournament could run with the same schedule as blog wars. I'm gonna test out some different point levels before writing the next rules pack and maybe even consider a much lower limit with 4 games rather than 3.

  6. Or allowing mandatory units to be exempt from the restrictions. For example farsight enclaves requires a 3 man crisis team. The rules pack means that I cannot take this unit so I cant take an enclaves detachment. This was one of the factors making it difficult to put a list together for myself.

  7. I was happy with the restrictions you had in place, and had designed an army to fit in with it. As I'm nearly finished painting it, if the rules pack stayed similar for next year, that would be very handy for me to say the least :P The only reason I hadn't booked a ticket was waiting on work to give me the nod for the weekend off, which they had been faffing around on...

    I would be very interested in attending next year, and will keep the date in mind.

  8. Hi Matt,

    a bit late, nevertheless here are my reasons why I didn't sign up:

    1. location:
    having to travel to your "island" *G* is somewhat costly and as my budget only allows for so many flights per year I have to make some cuts.
    Given that you managed to snag the spot from Alex next year I'm considering going to Fluffageddon. ;-)

    2. restrictions:
    I'd really love to field a Fellblade from Forgeworld, but I get why you disallow Forgeworld in general. Same as with BlogWars, it's a pitty, but some units are way to imbalanced.
    The main issue being that I prefer playing with redundant units. So two Predators, two Tactical Squads, two Nephilim etc. Makes list building and also playing the armies easier both with and against, as you have less rules to remember.

    3. points:
    I'm fine with 1850 points, most often we play 2000 points here though.
    1500 points, as suggest by corrm wouldn't appeal that much to me. Also going for 4 games on the course of a day seems a bit much in my opinion, as more often than not I'm already feeling my concentration and nerves running thin in the third game on a single day.

    Keeping my fingers crossed, that it will work out for next year and keep the infos on your planned changes, if any, coming. :-)


    PS: Have you (and Alex) thought about doing a BlogBrothersWar-tourney? A team tourney under BW rules would something that I'd be really interested at. :-)

  9. I was waiting til payday to buy a ticket. I live 20 mins from the venue so if you guys are testing rulespacks there I'd love to come help. 1500 and not limiting dedicated transports would take my vote.


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