Sunday, February 22, 2015

One Million Views Competition Winner!

It may have been a little while ago now but you may remember that I ran a little competition on the Blog to celebrate reaching 1 million pageviews. The lucky winner (Rob Hill) walked away with a F.A.T. mat of his choice. He went for the Alpine mat and I asked him to send me some pictures of his mat once he'd received it. I received these a little while ago but I've finally gotten around to posting them up.

Over to Rob:

I've been very snowed under recently (ho ho puns) and I'm not sure when I'm going to hit any terrain building. But here are a few pics of the mat laid out in my lounge where my friends and I break our backs playing.

It's got my wip cerastus castigator, blood Angel hammernators and black templar land raider crusader on it.

Afraid I'm not the best painter! The snow on the bases will get a drakenhoff wash to blue it up once it's spray sealed on as after comparing its a bit too white for the mat.

The mat itself is bloody brilliant and super durable. Can't thank you enough. Much better than laminate flooring wargaming!!

Congratulations once again to Rob for his new gaming surface. I'd love to run further competitions in the future to celebrate other milestones so stay tuned for them. 

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  1. Good to see it in its new home, and a worthy winner, hope it rekindles enthusiasm for the hobby after his unfortunate loss.


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