Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Announcing the F.A.T Mat Giveaway Winner!

As you may have already read, I ran a little competition to celebrate achieving a whopping one million pageviews on From the Fang. I asked people to post in the comments with the reasons they should win with humour taking precedent over sob stories. I received 30 entries but there could be only one winner....

Well, before I announce that let me thank everyone who commented and highlight some entries that I particularly liked:

  • Knight of Infinite Resignation - I was tempted by the idea of a folk song which sampled the sound dice make rolling on a F.A.T. mat (which is strangely satisfying by the way).
  • Capnmoe - made me laugh and had a great origin story for the F.A.T. mat name. With hindsight I wish I'd asked people to give me what they thought F.A.T stood for (yes I know the real answer).
  • Greg Hess - for being the most prolific commenter in the whole blogosphere as far as I can tell at least. Also extra credit for using the phrase "think of the children".
  • Casey Roberts - for brutal honesty
  • Toxteth O'Grady - for some awful jokes but unfortunately I'd heard them all.
  • Sonsoftaurus - for writing a poem/song. I'm not sure if I should recognise it though?!?!
  • Gene Steff - for finding a unicorn, by which I mean a hot wife/gf who is interested in playing 40K
  • Thomas Jeffrey - because the Grey Knights and Ultramarines ARE pompous!
  • Thanagar - another successful unicorn hunter. If only I could get my wife interested...

Anyway, without further ado the winner is.....


Here's his winning comment:

"It was a cold and stormy night. The wind blew hard and the rain lashed like nails from the sky, the very power of the God Emperor stinging your face as you marched resolutely through the darkening gloom. This was the end of all things, stripped of honour and stripped of life as no life was worthy without the honour it belied. The Emperor was dead and the Imperium shattered.

Fools! You cursed to the air and the elements flashed, lightening wrought across the sky as if you controlled the earth and the heaven but for one brief moment. Hands as agonised claws, stretched upward in a vicious embrace, straining to pull back time from the warp to feel the flow of fate and grasp hold of that one point. That solitary pivotal point where all had turned and the collapse of the Imperium of Man had begun. The tide had turned and hell had flowed in the arteries of man.

But to no avail. Crushing despair hits you as you reach the peak of this lonely mountain on this forgotten backwater world. Armour sundered, bolter broken, remorse all but spent; you collapse to your knees on one final agonising gasp and if anyone were around to hear the final mutterings of the the Great Fang they would have heard but a regretful whisper:

"I should have given that snowy Fat Mat to Rob Hill"

And then all was darkness and the fall of man was complete...

So you know... Dire conseqences should you not heed this warning!!"

I think you'll agree that he's a clear winner (unless you're a runner up of course, then you might disagree). A lot of effort went into the comment and frankly I don't want to be responsible for the death of the Imperium. Not that I'm particularly fond of it mind you! Anyway I think it's pretty clear he wants the Alpine mat.

Robert if you could get in touch with my using the contact me link I'll sort you out with your mat. Thanks again to everyone who reads the blog and who knows I might run a competition again some time.


  1. Yep, he deserves it. Not only in warning of what will come of course...! Hahahaha

  2. Definitely a worthy winner!

    Greg is certainly prolific - don't think I've read a blog where he's not commented (for which I love him of course as he comments on mine too!)

  3. Holy Terra Fang man! That was most unexpected and a most welcome surprise after a rainy day!

    There were lots of awesome comments, the folk song of dice rolling and poem being my personal picks!

    Thanks again and will chuck you a message post haste :)

  4. Roberts Story was definitely worthy of the mat! I just can't not comment, I'm a commenting addict. Plus I'm from the future, where IT guys have to stare at loading bars and screens all day and have learned to type 10,000 words per minute through their servitors.

    Congrats Robert. We expect massive armies clashing on said mat! (I think the winter one is one of the best of theirs by far!)

  5. Curses! Defeated by a better written, more imaginative entry, the shame. Now every time I play on my plain green table, I will feel the all consuming humiliation of being beaten. Woe is me!

    Well done sir, well done

  6. Congrats to Robert. And thank you for running the competition.

    Maybe I should have gone with Chuck Norris jokes instead ;-)

  7. Woot! Runner up!

    Grats Robert on the win and ballin' story

  8. Congrats to Robert!

    The song is from "Wild Boys" by Duran Duran, btw.

  9. Oooh... I was NOT supposed to write a sobstory. Had a brain fart there xD

    Anyway, Robert deserve it fully!


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