Monday, May 05, 2014

Blog Wars 7 - A Quick Word on 7th Edition

Blog Wars 7 is just under six weeks away (meaning the list deadline is under four weeks away) but there are still 9 tickets available for anyone wanting to join us. Head over to the BW7 page for more details.

Today I just wanted to post about the rumoured new edition of the 40K rulebook and how it will affect Blog Wars 7 (since a few people have been in touch to ask me). As it stands new codices are permitted provided they're released before the list submission deadline (in this case May 31st). In this current world of weekly releases though, a codex released on May 31st itself would not be permitted. Codices don't have far reaching implications for the rules of the game itself. Of course, they may shift the meta in a different direction but the core rules stay the same. Obviously that isn't true of a new edition of the rulebook.

Rumours currently have it that 7th edition (or 6.5th depending on your view) will be with us on May 24th. That means potentially that pre-orders will be announced on that date for release on May 31st. Even if the book itself is in peoples' hands by May 24th that would only give people a week to digest the new rules and change their armies accordingly in time for the submission deadline. That simply isn't long enough. Trouble is, we may not truly get a 7th edition but rather some tweaks to 6th that don't change things drastically. In that case it would be quite feasible for people to read up on the changes in a week and they aren't likely to affect peoples' lists significantly. My personal view is that the latter is more likely and the supposed "7th edition" will actually just be all of the crazy shit we've had released in various forms rolled into a single rulebook. This will help prevent the dicussions about what is or isn't legal in standard 40K.

Realistcally though, with the best will in the world and a copy of the rulebook on release day, I'll simply not have time to digest the changes to decided whether or not to use it at Blog Wars 7. I think the best course of action then is to say that the current rules will be in force. Think of Blog Wars 7 as your last chance to play the old rules before the new ones come in. Ironic really that my 7th tournament may be the last of 6th!

As always, keep questions coming about rule clarifications and anything else you're unsure of before the event.

UPDATE: Now that we have something more concrete and we know it'll be released on 24th May I can confirm that BW7 will NOT be using the 7th edition rules but will adhere to the 6th edition rulebook. Looking forward to the new book but I really don't know what the fuss is about Unbound armies. It was always an option to ignore the FOC and most tournaments won't allow it. Still, always exciting to get a new ruleset.


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