Friday, December 06, 2013

Blog Wars 7 - Saturday June 14th 2014

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that the logo to the right has changed to a big purple 7. That means I've updated the Blog Wars page with details of the next event which will take place on Saturday June 14th next year.

As I discussed a few days ago I'd like to keep things pretty similar for Blog Wars 7. I want people to feel like they can refine their list from BW6 now that they've seen how the scenarios play out. Hopefully I can keep them missions nearly identical for both events this year. I don't want them to become boring but chances are you won't be playing them in between so that shouldn't be an issue.

The scoring system has been refined a little so that there shouldn't be any clashes and hopefully the new scorecards and spreadsheet will minimise any errors in entry whilst also making sure people are scoring things correctly.

Throughout the event I'll make it abundantly clear that tabling won't score maximum VPs in the objective games but I want to mention it from the start so that people can design their lists with that in mind. If you only have two troops you simply won't be able to take maximum points in the objective missions. I know this will favour armies that can spam cheap troops but with allies in the mix this shouldn't present too much of an issue. With the pace of GW's codex updates I don't expect there'll be many books that would struggle to cover the objectives.

Any event with custom scenarios (no matter how similar they are to the rulebook variants) will require an element of list tailoring and BW is no different. At the end of the day the competitive tournament isn't the main reason to come to Blog Wars 7. I hope veterans of previous events can back me up when I say the friendly atmosphere is what it's all about.

Tickets will remain at the bargain price of £15 including lunch. Assuming a decent attendance there'll be similar or better prize support. I'm going to look at other sponsors to try and improve this even further so stay tuned. Tickets aren't on sale yet but will be soon. It'll probably be in the new year though to minimise the number of people who buy one and then drop out nearer the time.

I've made the decision to only play in the tournament if we have an odd number on the day. This will address the two main issues of Blog Wars 6 in that I'll be able to give refereeing and organisation my full attention and secondly that I won't win the bloody thing again! It also means I won't need stand-ins and there won't be the usual last minute panic when people don't show up on the day.

As ever the tournament is designed with the players in mind so if you have any suggestions for things I can do differently then please please get in touch. Otherwise check out the details and  I hope to see you all there.


  1. As always, an exciting day of the year. Blog Wars 7 is... PURPLE!

    Please count me in. I've booked the day before off so I'm all ready to go.

    By June I'm hoping there will be new codexes for both my Tyranids and Squat Guard, so I'll see nearer the time what army I'll be bringing.



    1. I'm quickly running out of colours that work with the background logo that don't look like previous colours! Might have to start the cycle again for 8

    2. Go the other way round and Change the Background to the colours you previously used. ;-)

  2. This is the post I've been waiting for!
    Count me in! I've got the week before and after off, so I'm good for another trip to England!


  3. Hey Alex,

    Put myself (Gary Hoptroff), Frank Marsh & Rob McDougall down.

    Cheers G


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