Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Old Dark Eldar Blog - A Warning!

Just a quick one today about something that a friend of mine brought to my attention. A few of you may remember that I used to have a Dark Eldar blog by the name of Kabalite. I attempted to run both blogs simultaneously but it proved to be futile. I have enough on trying to post regularly on one blog without having a second to worry about. I therefore deleted the blog a few months ago. Until recently when people went to the address they were met with a Blogger logo and "this blog has been removed".

However, presumably in the past few weeks someone has either "hacked" it or started a new blog with the same address (if that's possible?). Either way Kabalite has now gone the way of most of the internet and turned into a porn site. I'd like to point out that this has absolutely nothing to do with me (of course). If you still have Kabalite in your blog rolls/reading lists please delete it immediately.

Strangely when I try it now it seems to bring me back to the "blog removed" screen but it's still a dead blog so you should remove it.


  1. That is hilarious man. Who could possibly have guessed such an outcome.

  2. If you've deleted it, then I believe it frees up the name again for someone else to use.

  3. So this is life imitating art, right? The Eldar race (Dark Eldar blog) being so decadant that Slaanesh (porn) comes along and messes them up, forcing them to either escape to Craftworlds (Blog Wars 6) and change their habits, or into the Dark City in the webway (the blogosphere) to continue doing what they're doing?


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