Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blog Wars II - Battle of the Bloggers - December 3rd 2011

After the humble success of the first Blog Wars tournament I was keen to repeat the occasion. Although the response was pretty small on the vote, the majority of people seemed to prefer December 3rd as the date for the second Blog Wars tournament. Therefore, thats when we'll do it! Towards the end of the week I'll put up a new page with details about it but for now make sure Dec 3rd is in your diary! 

Now, whilst the feedback from Blog Wars was good, there were certainly some areas for improvement. Now one of those things was to make it a weekender but the consensus didn't seem to be there. What I propose is that if this becomes a regular thing then the summer one will be a weekender and the winter one will be just a single day. Here's a brief list of the things that I'll be working on improving for the next tournament:
  • Special Character themed scenarios (yes, that rule is staying) - more interesting than rulebook ones
  • Proper trophies/certificates - there were complaints last time - here's looking at you Ven
  • Some form of Maelstrom vouchers as the prize rather than me standing at the door pissing about
  • New and original raffle prizes - more on that later
  • New scoring system - I'm keen to avoid soft scoring as I think it takes away from the battle and is far too objective
  • Labels for the painting competition - it was a little hastily arranged last time so I plan on setting things up better.
  • Better/cheaper food - it wasn't bad last time but I don't think it was worth the money
  • A better logo! - I'm open to offers of help on this. I've already had a couple of volunteers but the more the merrier - it'd be a shame if my half arsed effort ended up staying!
Here's what's staying the same though:
  • Compulsory Special Character - this rule is what makes the spirit of Blog Wars in my opinion, I know some don't like it but those that embraced it fully last time had more fun because of it
  • Similar prize structure - I think the prizes were fitting last time so they can stay pretty much the same
  • Same venue - I think everyone agreed Maelstrom was excellent last time
  • Same points limit and same number of games - in some ways I'd like to fit more in but I thought the pace was about right last time
As ever I'm open to suggestions for things you'd like to keep or would prefer to change. Apologies to those who would've preferred Dec 17th but I think realistically it's probably a bit too close to Christmas for most people. 
Tickets will be released nearer the time (probably end of October) and I'm hoping that we'll at least get as many as last time but fingers crossed we get even more. Stay tuned for more details as they become available!


  1. AWESOME! Weekend is already booked off!

    But what army to bring....!?

  2. Whoot! Now we're talking! Blog Wars 2! Bring it on...I may be premature BUT...we'll take 5 tickets please squire...The Sons are on the march once more!

    The question is, will the pink DE return???

    Awesome, glad you've set the date, now I can convince the missus its a good idea for me to be away near to christmas... :)

  3. It was open war doubles at the weekend and the buffet was much improved, they have now started doing their own sandwiches ect and it really shows.

  4. Awesome.

    I look forward to doing it all again, I'm glad the special character rule is staying though.

  5. o, this sounds interesting! I'm heading to a 1750pt tournament soon (prepping my army on my blog as we speak) so it will be nice to have another to target models for!

    I'll have to check with the boss (wife)...

    I'm interested in the restrictions you have imposed, though it will mean lots of shuffling of my IG army... hmm...

  6. I really hope I'm up to speed enough on the rules by then because sounds super fun.

  7. i will of course be there, keeping an eye on what is in which transports this time ;)

  8. Defo going to be there, cannot wait.

  9. I'm going to be doing my upmost to be there.

  10. Count me in, I will be bringing my Praetorians. I should be able to have that weekend off from work.


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