Thursday, June 09, 2011

Blog Wars Painting Competition (pic heavy)

Thought I should throw up a few photos of the painting competition. Hopefully the guy who had an SLR has taken some better ones that I can put up at a later date but for how here's what I took: Let's start off with my favourite special character (apologies to Belial!). This is Draigo painted by Scott (but in Matt's army):
Here's more of Scott's work in the shape of his chaos army with his SC Abaddon in the foreground:
I really like the colour scheme of this Tau army:
 Wazdakka Gutsmek and his ork horde (not the tau looted wagon):
Here's some shots of Bully's (SoS) Belial (who won the SC painting competition) and the rest of the DA force:

Jamies from Index Astartes' Blood Angels:
 More Blood Angels (yellow ones!!) from Andy at Claws and Fists:
The winning Imperial Guard and Elysian armies:

And finally, a few more of the rest:

Sorry if I've missed your army out but sadly I didn't have time to get photos of them all. Hopefully once I receive some from other people I'll be able to post them up. Check out all the blogs listed on the Blog Wars page for more.


  1. That Corbulo is gorgeous. I love it. I might have to try and replicate that, but that white is so hard to do - would love to know how he did it.

    No offence to Belial taken! That Draigo is lovely. Going to have a pop at mine this weekend with Crowe and Coteaz (going to reward myself with some finecast special character painting) pictures will be up on SoS at some time I am sure!

  2. I'm surprised my kharne has made it on to say I painted him when I was about 16 lol

  3. I really liked the Tau with the mottled camo effect and the free hand on the Blood Angels.

    Also really liked the objective markers for the Death wing and I'm going to have to do a few of them.

  4. Thanks chaps, mine were the Blood angels BTW. White was built up on a codex grey undercoat, gradually blending it up to skull white. Freehand was tricky at first but a pleasure to do - I'll finally try to update my meagre blog with some pics now they're mostly painted.

    Really enjoyed the day and seeing all the armies people had. Think the 2 IG armies and the tyranids were my top 3 armies, with a special nod to the festive Orks and the pink dark eldar. (which gave me a pasting in my third game)


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