Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blog Wars II: Battle of the Bloggers - Possible Dates

Just heard back from Maelstrom about possible dates for Blog Wars II. I decided to try and make it a bi-annual tournament as I think once a year is too little and, as some people have suggested, if I made it more regular then it would be more like a club night than an event.

I've provisionally booked in for Saturday 17th December 2011 but the 3rd December is a possibility. In addition the Sundays are also available that weekend so we have the oppportunity to make it into a weekender if people would prefer that? It really depends on how much interest there is this time round. If there's the same number as last time then I think there'd be too many match-up clashes over a 5/6 game weekend.

Anyway, I've put a poll up on the right hand side and I'd be grateful if you could vote for which date you'd prefer as well as commenting about why you voted how you did. I'll try and do a mail shot later today so that people know the poll is there but if you could spread the word that'd be great. 

Just for reference, there are no dates available in Nov/Jan so if there's little interest in making it December then I might just try again later in the new year. I'll try and get a new page started for Blog Wars II (with a new logo I promise) once I get chance but for now we'll see how it goes.


  1. Saturday 17th would be great for me mate, though can't make the 3rd. I think it may be best to stick to one day being that it's the weekend before Xmas, but that's just my thoughts. Look forward to it.

  2. Yeah, a one day event is all i'd be able to do that close to Xmas..17th provisionally sounds great...

  3. 17th wins for me,

    as a teacher, I should just have broken up for crimbo :)

  4. I won't know until i get my rota for Aug-Feb, but I'm pretty certain I'm up for it.

    Would a blog wars tour be anything anybody would be interested in? i'd be happy to organise something in Cardiff if people are interesting in Blog Warring the country. I'm sure Ven would be up for doing something in East England... not that I want to volunteer him for anything ;)

  5. Im easy, as i should be able to book it off with enough notice.

    Going to go against the grain and say that it might be easier for people to book time offa work if the dates a bit further away from Xmas - not sure, but just a thought! Then again, not everyone works weekends, so swings and roundabouts.

    Looking forward to it again either ways!

  6. 3rd would be by far the best for me, as i have no idea where i'll be or what i'll be doing so close to christmas.

  7. I'll say 3rd as if I am meant to be on call for work any of those weekends its easier for me to swap to the one nearer xmas than away from as people will be pissed if they have to do back to backs (NOT my turn to do Xmas this year lol).

    Tour sounds cool brolo - shame theres sweet fuck all venues in the capital - though there are clubs around I have zero idea where ... or what they do for tables etc..

  8. I'd prefer a whole weekend.

  9. Furthest away from xmas is best. The nearest to xmas and family and friend commitments start appearing the the calendar.

    Therefore I voted for Sat 3rd.

    I'd really like to make the next one, especially with all the reports of what a great event the first one was.


  10. If it was 3rd, I could do it...as well as do a whole weekend??

    Blog Wars on Tour.. yup, I'd host an East England tourney... Been slowly working on boards etc and the venue is not a problem..

    I'd be down for a trip to Cardiff too... :)

  11. It could be called Blog Tours...

  12. I would prefer the further form xmas the better so I voted 4th, but can do 3rd im working the other weekend

  13. I'd really prefer the weekend at the start of December as 17th is a little too close to Christmas for me to get away. Would be happy to do either day that weekend (or maybe a weekender).


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