Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Tournament

Even though tickets have already sold out I was lucky enough to manage to get hold of one for me and Matt. As I've already mentioned we're hoping to field a combined Space Wolves and Blood Angels list.

On the 28th we're having a warm-up at the Freebootaz Open but the rules have changed since then. In an interesting twist GW have decided that each separate force must have 1 HQ and 1 Troop choice and then before you can have more HQ/Troops you have to have at least one Elite, Fast Attack AND Heavy Support choice. This means that there'll be no armies with purely troops in transports and it'll be one HQ per force. Obviously Space Wolves have an advantage here in that they can have two HQs per slot but still I think it will make for more interesting lists than I've seen around t'internet for other tournaments.

Also since each army is only 750pts it will be difficult to include a large number of troops once all the other required units are in. Obviously one of the two players could still field largely troops but I think a balance between the two is best. 

My main concern for our army is that there aren't that many good fast attack choices in the Space Wolves force. Thunderwolves are too expensive at this level (and I don't have the models...yet!), bikes aren't that effective and skyclaws aren't brilliant without a character/wolf guard. This means if the Fast Attack is coming from my side it'll pretty much have to be a land speeder. Not such a bad thing I suppose but I think the BA list has some much better options such as the Baal Predator.

I guess we'll have to start putting lists together and figuring it all out. What does everyone else think of the rules? Either way I'm just glad I got my ticket before they sold out!!

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  1. Squad of fen wolves and use them as cover could be your option for a fast attack, they are cheap as well.


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