Thursday, October 17, 2019

Clearing Out My 40K Cabinet

As you might've guessed from the conclusion of the battle report earlier in the week, I've decided to sell off a good chunk of my 40K collection. This post serves as a shameless plug for the items that I'm selling. Feel free to ignore it!

Sector Mechanicus Scenery
I've got quite a collection of this that I bought with the intention of making a Necromunda table. Sadly the Necromunda campaign never got off the ground so that will all be going up soon. This kit was the only bit still sealed though. It's technically Imperial Knights scenery since it has rules in their codex.

Sacristan Forgeshrine:

Space Wolves Kits
Like the Ork stuff below, this is mostly extra kits I acquired to expand my SW force around the time of 8th.

Wolf Guard Terminators:

Wolf Pack (Grey Hunters/Blood Claws/Wolf Guard):

Thunderwolf Cavalry:

Ork Kits
This stuff comes for various battleforces, boxed sets, etc. The intention was to expand my Ork army but as you can see, the kits never made it off the sprues.


Two Trukks:

T'au  Empire Accessories
I decided to keep the Tidewall separate from the army below as it isn't painted. I've also put the codex and cards in a separate auction because whomever buys the army may already have them. There's also an used Start Collecting set here.

T'au Codex and Datacards:

Start Collecting T'au Empire:

T'au Tidewall Scenery:

T'au Empire Army

Finally, last but not least to go will be my T'au army. They're the only army that hasn't even seen the tabletop in 8th. There's about 3,500pts here and the vast majority of it is painted to a pretty good tabletop standard. This is the hardest thing for me to sell because I've had a lot of fun using this army over the years. They were the first xenos army I collected after returning to 40K (second only to the Space Wolves). I've always lamented not buying an airbrush before starting this army as when I've used it on some of the later additions to the army e.g. the second Sky Ray/Hammerhead, it's saved a huge amount of time.

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  1. You are not selling the Knights so why the Forgeshrine mate? I’ve put a cheeky offer in on eBay ;)


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