Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Imperial Knights for DT4 - Hobby Progress

Just a quick update today. I'll hopefully get the Obligatory Pie Chart Post for DT4 done one evening this week. Anyway, in the meantime I'm working on my army for the event. As it stands at the moment I'm not playing but just in case I have to stand in I thought I should have something ready. If nothing else it gave me an excuse to get some Armiger Helverins and the motivation to get them painted up.

I'm painting them in the same scheme as my existing Questoris knights (still can't get used to calling them that). In case you've forgotten what they look like:

That means breaking out the airbrush again because orange really isn't much fun to paint without it. I've therefore kept all of the armour panels separate from the skeleton. The skeleton itself I've sprayed with Leadbelcher then washed with Nuln Oil.

The armour panels have been hit with Wild Rider Red as a base over the black primer and then Troll Slayer Orange over that. I then masked off for some of the orange bits on the skeleton like the "hood" over the head and hit them with the same red then orange. The shoulder and ankle armour then got masked off to spray the back half Abaddon Black.

Finally, I decide to bring the hazard stripes onto the carapace this time instead of the white on the bigger knights. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet but hopefully it'll look better when it's tidied up there's some of the washes over the top.

You might also spot a missile launcher in there. This was in my pile of spare parts for the big knights and is needed for the list. I'll therefore be painting this up along with the Helverins to be ready for the event. Not sure if I've got enough time to finish but I'm going to give it my best!

Looking forward to seeing what you guys will be bringing along.

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  1. Looks great mate, love the bright orange scheme, quite industrial with the hazard striping.


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