Sunday, March 04, 2018

Double Trouble 3 Tickets are Now Available!

Somehow another month has passed since I last posted but I need to post today to tell you all that tickets are now available for Double Trouble 3! They're still £17.50 and give you three games of 40K with 9 different people! More details and info on how to buy tickets can be found on the DT3 page here.

For those of you not familiar with the Double Trouble format, allow me to explain. Double Trouble is "doubles with a difference". Most doubles events have you finding a partner ahead of the tournament and working together on a combined army list. Well at DT3 you'll not need to find a partner because everyone gets a different partner in each round. All you need to do is bring an 875 pt list (more on that later). Each round you'll get a random partner and then play against another random pairing. That means you'll play with/against 9 different people over your three games.

I know this format might seem like a strange one to some people but there were good reasons for doing it. Firstly, doubles events are often a problem with people who don't have a regular gaming partner. They're also tricky for those who have an odd number in their group. A potential solution would be just to take all the players without a partner and assign them one. Trouble is, if you get paired with someone you don't like or with a list that doesn't work with yours then you're stuck with them for the day. At DT3 it'll change every round so you're never stuck with the same partner or indeed, opponents.

This high degree of randomness obviously makes for an event that is more social than competitive. I know lots of people who've been put off the tournament scene by the larger events where they might come across a filthy list in all three rounds (or even five rounds in a weekend). To me, the draw of the tournament scene is playing different people from across the country and share a common love of the game. I met people at my first ever event that I'm still in touch with today. Obviously I like playing to win too but I try to tailor my lists to the atmosphere of the event instead of trying to win at all costs.

I'd hope that anyone who's been to the previous two Double Trouble events or even any of  the eleven Blog Wars/NMTBW events will tell you that I believe in giving out a ton of prizes in the free to enter raffle. I'm a great believer in keeping tournament prizes to a minimum. It seems there was criticism of some of the ITC events in the States having large cash prizes that encouraged a higher proportion of filth. There's little stopping you bringing filth to one of my events but you're not going to win a huge prize as a result.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now. I'll post some more details of the event (including the scenarios) in the coming weeks but you've got just over three months to get your armies ready. I'm hoping to have my Tyranid force ready too so I'll be posting updates on my progress.


  1. It's unusual (dare I say, unique?) but I've been to both so far and it works very well. Always a great laugh and some unusual army pairings!

    I'll be there!

    1. Thanks Ian. I've never heard of another event swapping partners in every round. I've found the odd one that assigns partners at the start of the day but then you stay together for the whole event. I reckon that makes it unique.

      Hopefully people will embrace the more relaxed atmosphere and have a great day.

    2. Looking forward to coming to my first DT to go along with my BW and NMTBWs attendances 😝 now to motivate to the painting stage... 😨


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