Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Hobby Resolutions for 2018

Arthur (my son) did almost as much hobby as I did!
This is essentially pointless at this stage but it at least gives me a vague idea of what I'd like to do in the first couple of months of the year before something new and shiny distracts me or I remember that I lack both the time and motivation to make any really hobby progress. Anyway, as ever let's assess just how badly I failed on last year's objectives:
  • Scenery - hahahahahahahaha! Last year I said it was getting to be a bit of a joke but I think we're past that now. I did actually make a little bit of progress made by painting two imperial statues and a bit of work on some ruins etc. Nowhere near what I wanted to get done. My winter scenery isn't done and I haven't even started on the desert/industrial board. I have bought some of the Sector Mechanicus scenery though so I'll be building that up in the new year and trying to get enough multi-level scenery put together to play some Necromunda.
  • Clear Out The Crap - last year I decided against selling my Dark Angels but they're currently up on eBay and I'm negotiating with a couple of potential buyers to try and get a decent price for them. Their sale will fund my Tyranid army and despite my reservations last year I really don't like the army so they have to go. I really want to get rid of more stuff though and have create some space.
  • Painting - I did stick to my resolution here but then that was just to paint what I fancied when I fancied. I managed to make good progress on my DE/Drukhari, painted my Ta'unar, finalised my Tyranid scheme and even did a little bit of work on my Orks. 
  • Blogging - as I mentioned in the review post. My blogging output is at an all time low so the only way is up I suppose
  • Tournaments - again, as I said, I really haven't been to many events at all but I'm pleased I joined the BB league. Met some great guys that I can hopefully get some more games in with in the future.
  • DT2 - definitely an improvement on the first DT, even if it was just because we played in the proper venue. 
I'd forgotten that I basically copped out last year and didn't set any real goals. This year I'm going to have a bit more courage and actually set some targets. Here goes:

  1. Scenery - May as well start with the least likely to happen! Anyway, I'd like to build up and paint the Sector Mechanicus kits. I'd ideally like to make them modular so we can build a variety of layouts but I'll have to see how easily the kit lends itself to that.
  2. Tyranids - I'm intending to take Tyranids to DT3 in June so I've written a little 750pt list (although I haven't necessarily decided on the point limit yet). This doesn't require many models but it'll be a nice starting point. By the end of the year I'd like to have at least 2,000 points built up and at least on their way to painted. The scheme I've chosen lets me paint them reasonably quickly. Well, in theory at least, we'll soon find out if it actually does.
  3. Bloodbowl - it'd be nice to finish one or two of my teams as a diversion from Tyranid painting. They might nice side projects and having fully painted teams would be great for the odd friendly game or introducing people to BB. I'd like an Elf team but that'll all depend on what happens with out league.
  4. Necromunda - I've no interest in the starter set but if they do a Cawdor gang I might need to partake. I originally had an Orlock gang too though so since they're next I might be tempted.
  5. Other stuff - I'll still stick to my plan for painting what I like, when I like. I'd love to get my 3rd and 4th Knights done. Particularly because the 4th is in a different scheme. It'd also be nice to get some more Orks done, my Stormsurge painted and the odd addition to my Wolves.
  1. Play some 40K events - I'd like to play at least one WHW tournament and maybe a couple elsewhere. Hopefully towards the end of the year I can use my Tyranids too.
  2. Armada campaign - I picked up the Corellian conflict set a couple of months ago and I'd like to play through it at least once with Matt. Last Jedi has made me desperate to do some SW gaming and X-wing isn't really appealing at the moment.
  3. Rebellion - speaking of SW I'd like to get plenty more Rebellion sessions in and make use of the expansion. Matt and I might even swap sides so I can see how it feels to play with the might of the Empire.
  4. Scythe - this has to be one of the best discoveries of 2017. It's helped get some of my friends interested in gaming and I'd love to get more sessions in 2018.
  5. Narrative 40K campaign - Dan and I have plans for a narrative campaign where we play through a branching story throughout the year. Hopefully it'll be a nice change of pace from competitive 40K. 
  6. Blood Bowl and Necromunda - it'd be nice to get either BB league or Necromunda campaign going or at least take part in one at the Outpost
  7. DT3 and TBC Singles Event - I come close to jacking in this TO lark but then I run one and remember why I do it. Look out for more info nearer to the time.
Everything Else
  1. Clear Out the Crap - same as last year really. I'd like to sell some of the kits I bought but never even opened and take a look at all my armies and potentially rationalise them a bit. There's quite a bit to sell I reckon and it can all fund my Tyranid project. As I've said before I'd like the army to be cost neutral and that means selling some crap first.
  2. Sort out the bits - I've got a huge amount of bits. Some of them are probably worth hanging on to but I think a lot of them could go. Again they could make me quite a bit on eBay.
Well, I'm not naive enough to think all of these things will happen but at least I'm in a bit more of an optimistic mood than I was at this point last year!


  1. Scenery eh? I’ll believe it when I see it. ;). Good goals, I sold loads of bits last year and made quite a bit, it’s just a pain to list it all, and several trips to PO, but if it’s funding the Tyranids it will be worth it. Once you’ve drafted the first eBay auction, the rest are ‘Sell similar’ so quite easy I guess.

  2. Sector mechanicus is extremely customisable, it’s definitely worth leaving the glue in the box for most of it.


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