Sunday, July 23, 2017

Arthur's First Hobby Work!

I'll post up an update of my progress in the next couple of days but I just wanted to post quickly tonight to show you some painting my 3 year old son did. He came out to the garage when I was painting last weekend and so I gave him a sacrificial Ork boy. He chose the colours and I showed him how to get some out of the pot, put it on the pallet and then he applied it to the model.

It's funny that he's already using a pallet at 3 and it took me until something like 28 to stop taking the paints straight from the pot! I'm sure it'll be months, if not years, before he has another go but I hope this will be the start of his forays into the hobby.

Does kind of remind me of this though:


  1. Start him young and he'll be a master by age 11! Cheers for the awesome encouragement!

  2. Save the model. When he's 28 he can use it as a guide when he decides to do an entire army in a similar colour scheme ;)


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