Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sample Armies for Double Trouble and Contingency Plans

Being a doubles event, Double Trouble obviously needs a total number of players that's divisible by 4. Currently we've got 16 which is obviously fine. There'll still be plenty of variety amongst the teams and games. Having said that I'm hoping to sell more tickets so we can have a bigger prize pot and hence better raffle prizes, etc.

What happens if we get a drop out on the day though? Well the key thing is to avoid having anyone miss a game. There's nothing worse than being told you've received a bye when you were hoping to play three games of 40K for your money. Here's what I propose:
  • If we end up with a total number of players which is one less than a multiple of 4 (e.g. 27), I'll field a full 1,500pt army myself. It'll still consist of two randomly determined halves though from my collection and my opponents will roll for it each round! 
  • If we end up with a total number of players which is two less than a multiple of 4 (e.g. 18) then both Matt and I will field 1,500pt armies again being formed of two randomly determined 750pt forces. 
  • If we end up with a total number of players which is three less than a multiple of 4 (e.g. 21), I'll simply drop out bringing the number back to a multiple of 4.
I think it's important to have this contingency in place so that people feel reassured that the system will work and everyone will get their three games.

Sample Armies
Well, just in case any of the above happens I'll need to have several 750pt armies at my disposal. Here's what I'm thinking at the moment:

Dark Eldar (CAD) - 750pts
Archon w/ Armour of Misery, agoniser, shadow field in a Venom (two cannons)
Kabalite Warriors (5) in a Venom (two cannons)
Kabalite Warriors (5) in a Venom (two cannons)
Reavers (5) w/ cluster caltrops
Scourges (5) w/ four haywire blasters
Scourges (5) w/ four haywire blasters

Space Wolves (CAD) - 748pts
Rune Priest (ML2)
Grey Hunters (7) w/ flamer plus Wolf Guard (TDA CM/PF) in Drop Pod
Grey Hunters (8) w/ flamer plus Wolf Guard (TDA CM/PF) in Drop Pod
Stormwolf w/ multi-meltas

Orks (CAD) - 749pts
Burna Boys (6) inc. 3 meks
Boyz (11) inc. PK nob in Trukk
Boyz (12) inc. PK nob in Trukk
Morkanaut w/ KFF

Tau (CAD) - 750pts
Riptide w/ ion accel., EWO and stim.
Strike Team (10) in Devilfish
Strike Team (10) in Devilfish
Pathfinder Team (5)

Dark Angels (Ravenwing Strike Force) - 750pts
Librarian (ML2) on bike
Ravenwing Command Squad (6) w/ RW banner, apothecary
Ravenwing Bike Squad (6) w/ two grav guns
Ravenwing Bike Squad (6) w/ two meltaguns

Hopefully this gives you some idea of the things you can do with the different factions. I've found it pretty fun to come up with small forces from each of my armies that try to convey the character of that faction and still bring something good to the table. I've avoided Formations because I'm really not a fan but still it wasn't hard to come up with these armies. Are they the most competitive armies I could create? No, definitely not but that's deliberate! I don't want to bring too many models and I want them to be simple to use.

If all is well and I end up playing with just a 750pt army and a random partner, I'd probably go for the Dark Eldar. For this reason I want to focus on trying to get them painted up for the event. That gives me about 11 weeks so should be doable. I'll post more about my plans in a separate post later in the week.

Finally, Deployment
I've been giving it some thought and I've decided that things will probably be complicated enough without adding anything extra. I therefore think it's sensible to just go with Dawn of War deployment in every round. What do people think?


  1. I think Dawn of War deployment will be best for the games. Due to the way the hall is set up, you would need to run around a few tables just to move your army or confer with your partner for the games.

  2. Dawn of war certainly makes thing eaiser from a doubles perspective, but I do like the quarters one. It's just so destabilising! Having said that, dawn of war would be simpler by far. My one question would be that it might favour certain type of army? Gunlines always prefer hammer and anvil.


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