Saturday, January 02, 2016

Double Trouble Tickets on Sale Now!

As the title suggests, you can now get your tickets for Double Trouble which will take place on Saturday June 11th 2016 at the NWGC in Stockport. I already announced some details about the event in a previous post here but you can now view the Double Trouble page for more information. There are still a few things to be confirmed such as the specific details of the custom tactical objectives that will be in use but I wanted to get something up on the blog so people can be thinking about their armies.

What is Double Trouble?
Double Trouble is a Warhammer 40,000 doubles tournament with a difference. Instead of writing an army list together with a partner, each player will write their own 750pt army list from the faction of their choice. Before the first round you will be randomly assigned a doubles partner and play against another random pairing. The allies chart will not be used therefore all combinations will be treated as "Battle Brothers".

At the start of the next round you will be assigned a new random partner so you will get to play three games with 9 different people and hopefully a good variety of armies.

Tickets are on sale now and cost £17.50 per person with 52 spaces available. Your ticket entitles you to 3 games of 40K, lunch, free entry into the raffle and, a chance to win spot prizes throughout the day.  To purchase tickets, please send £17.50 per ticket to via PayPal (using the Friends and Family option). Please include your preferred contact email address along with email addresses for anyone else you're buying a ticket for. Please also include the dietary requirements of everyone you're buying a ticket for (even if it's just to say there aren't any).

Army Selection 
Each army can cost up to and including 750pts and must come from a single faction. The only restrictions on the units you can take are as follows:
  • One detachment OR formation per 750pt army
  • No super heavy vehicles, gargantuan creatures or fortifications are allowed. 
  • No unit may be taken more than twice (excluding Dedicated Transports)
Just remember, you have no idea who you'll be paired with or against. That means either a balanced list or hope that you get something complementary.

Imperial Armour/Horus Heresy armies and Forge World 40K legal units ARE permitted. That being said, armies must still comply with the above restrictions.

Scenarios & Scoring
Each game will use Random Game Length and the same two missions:
  • Annihilation - Destroy your opponents' army for a number of blood points equal to the value of enemy units destroyed.
  • Tactical Superiority - Score VPs by achieving the tactical objectives detailed on the Double Trouble objective cards (to be provided). 
The specific details of the objective cards and deployment types in use will be announced soon so keep an eye on the DT page for them.

I'm trying to keep things reasonably simple since I think there'll be enough complexity created with the random partnerships. I'm sure that 2.5 hours will be enough in each round even with the extra introductions and swapping of lists.

Anyway, let me know what you think. I'd prefer not to change things too drastically from what I've set out here but as with Blog Wars, I'd really like to here what you all think so I can make this the most enjoyable event possible. I'm looking forward to it already and I hope you lot are too.


  1. Gutted, my wife needs me to look after our girls that day 😢

  2. Sounds great Alex. So maximum 2 of each unit. So it's safe to assume formations that require 3 of a unit type are automatically out then. I love the inclusion of FW though. 750 points means players can bring a little something different but there is almost no scope for abusing FW armies. Great decision IMO! Looking forward to this!

  3. Hi Alex,
    Looking forward to the event, just looking to confirm before I decide on an army to use if the following is allowed?

    The Dark Harvest List from IA:12?
    It's the Maynarkh dynasty list. Thanks

    1. As far as I can tell it's out of date since the new codex. Unless you know something I don't?

    2. Thought it was still leagal, due to all the complaining about the tesseract ark's armor now being 13 instead of 14. though might be wrong

    3. Well what I was planning on using is technically weaker than the standard codex will email you soon to discuss

  4. Hi Alex, looking forward to it. Quick question on the army restrictions: For the Astra Militarum, would a maximum of two of each unit apply to platoons or to individual infantry squads?

  5. I'm all for it! My one question would be that 30k lists are a different system/ power level to 40k? The times I've played them I've not been able to touch them, especially the ad-mech battle bot things. That's the only thing that makes me a bit unsure.

    I'd also echo mikes comments on the imperial guard platoons thing? One way plays to the strength of guard, (thou I'd cap it elsewhere - leman Russ!) but if platoons can't function as normal it's very difficult to do a guard army. (thou I'm sure they will have a new codex by then anyways!)

  6. I have just thought of something. If I use a FW vehicle that has official downloadable rules, is that acceptable or will I need to bring the relevant IA volume?

  7. Providing your opponent can read rules for your unit I don't mind where it comes from.

  8. May aswell check, it's ok to use the decurion if I can work out a reasonable list with it. Unfortunately already found I would be 4 points over from my ideal list lol

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Surely the decurion type detachments would be banned under the one formation limit, due to the need to take two in a decurion. A core and an auxiliary.

    1. It isn't that simple sadly. A Decurion is technically a single detachment. It just happens to be made up of formations. I need to make a ruling but I need to look into it properly first. For example, if I allow Decurions etc, how feasible would it actually be to run them.

      Just when I thought I might be able to simplify army selection....

  11. Well don't think it would be as bad as some the forge world models/units available to other armys. Personally debating is the restriction of spare points worth taking it or not for the benefits

  12. I'm not sure there is a need for restriction on the Decurion. The base cost of an RL is 479 with zero wargear upgrades. Not being a Necron player, how much can you hope to do with 271 points?

  13. What do you need to do? Basic Gauss weaponry can deal with infantry and vehicles, so not like you need to add heavy weapons to it. And the problem of the Decurion is it makes those basic troopers a hell of a lot harder to kill. I've had games where I've dedicated a good 1500 points worth of guard shooting at a unit of Necron warriors that is part of a RL and managed to kill 3 guys. The worry is that in a smaller scale game, sure the Necron player might not have many upgrades to play with, but his base rules alone will make him too difficult for most 750 point skirmish forces to deal with...

  14. I just meant that 271 points doesn't seem a lot to make an Auxilliary Formation from. Again, I don't know Necrons very well at all but it seems like you would have to shoehorn a Decuriom into 750 points a bit. Also depends who they end up fighting against and who with. I am not a Necron player so I am not going to argue *too* hard for Decurion to be allowed haha.

  15. with 271 the auxiliarys available are

    canoptek harvest for 230, leaving 41 points, so can splash out on a whole extra wraith :P

    death marks for 90, fair amount to play around with in the reclamation legion points

    flayed ones for 65, fair amount to play around with in the reclamation legion points

    star god for 240, just no too many points for a slow moving t7 mc with random attacks (ok in its own formation, just not like this)

    personally prefer the deathmark option out the 4 if went down this route

  16. So plenty of options then...

    Ban the Decurion! Haha


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