Thursday, September 17, 2015

Blog Wars X Update - And Then There Were Two...

This latest update is a story of the number two. Firstly that the three people who have attended ALL nine of the previous Blog Wars events will be reduced to two for Blog Wars X. Both Chris Benstead and Graham Sanders will be in attendance but sadly Matt Greenwood won't be completing the unholy trinity this time out. Unfortunately the timing of BWX coincides with the birth of his second child (well around that time anyway) so he won't be able to make it this time. Both Matt and I are pretty gutted but obviously it's for a fantastic reason so we won't dwell on it too much.

That means there's a second "2" to talk about than that's the final two spots left on the Blog Wars X attendees list. That's two tickets left so if you'd like to come along to the event you'll need to act pretty quickly. Head on over to the BWX page to find the details of how you can do that.

If you've already secured your place at BWX then keep an eye on the blog for the next couple of weeks as I'll be going through a few bits and pieces that I've been thinking about. Also I'll need to make some decisions if and when we get a new Tau book. I remind you all that any questions you have about the rules pack or general rules queries are always welcome.


  1. I hope to be there - our baby is due early October so I'm not sure what sort of sleepless state I'll be in at BW-X!

    Graham S.

  2. Babies??? What sort of excuses are those?


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