Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Finalising the Details for Blog Wars 8 Army Selection

I've recently posted about the rules pack for Blog Wars 8 as I wanted feedback from you guys. This has given me some great insight into what people expect from the event and helped me make some decisions about how things will be run. I'd like to thank everyone who's either commented or emailed me. One thing is clear, people want very different things from the tournament. Some want more restriction, whereas others want more freedom. Hopefully what I'm outlining below (and what I've updated in the event pack) will be some sort of middle ground that makes the majority of people happy and doesn't piss everyone else off too much.

Army Selection
My initial attempt at coming up with a system of army selection for Blog Wars seems to have frustrated a lot of people. Limiting the armies to just two detachments appears to have been a step to far for most of you. For this reason I've changed things a little so that you can now potentially take, for example: a combined arms detachment, allied detachment and Inquisitorial detachment. I'm now allowing formations but you have to choose between a formation and allies. I don't want people to be able to pick bits of things from too many sources. Not only does this make things incredibly confusing for their opponent (and me when I'm checking lists) but also it fits in better with the ethos of the event which encourages armies to be themed around a special character (more on that later). However, by allowing formations I am at least giving people more options if they don't have access to things like Allies/Inquisition/etc.

I'm still torn on the Imperial Knight issue. I'm determined that they should be allowed at Blog Wars now but I still think that 3 in a list with some other units would be very difficult for most people to deal with. What I've done therefore is met people in the middle and allowed 2 knights per army. As with any army in 40K, some people still won't be able to deal with them but equally others won't find them any trouble at all. Bear in mind that Gerantius is allowed as a special character but he isn't on the list as he's not going to eligible to be the "Commander" as he isn't in the "Core Force".

Hopefully this addresses the main issues people had with my first attempt at army selection. I'm keen to avoid changing it much more as players need to be planning their lists but I'd still like to hear your opinions. Here's an update to the diagram to show how things now work (click to embiggen):

Warp Charge
I don't know if this just got ignored by people but there were no complaints about the restriction of warp charge to 12 points. As I've already said, I'd hope that the kind of lists that are penalised by this e.g. conjuration spam Daemons, wouldn't appear anyway but I still think this is a good idea.

Painting Competition
I recently posted about the painting competition here. I'd like to get some more feedback before I make a decision on what's changing there though so please read the post and let me know what you think.

If you like the sound of things now and want to get yourself a ticket simply send £17.50 to via PayPal (ideally using the "Sending Money to Family or Friends" option). Please include your name (in case it's different to the PayPal account and I'll add you to the list.


  1. I think allowing formations is important. They are pretty much a core part of some of the newer armies (especially orks and nids), and eliminating them really hurts those armies. (nids are almost unplayable without double cad or formations).

    IMO there are really only two major issues with 7th as it stands right now.
    1) Battle brothers (just because it gets ridiculous).
    2) Ignore cover D weapons.

    Most of the other stuff is self balancing. The admantium lance formation isn't overpowered, unless you ban lord of wars. Lord of wars aren't overpowered, unless you ban forge world and formations, etc. Even warp charge spam has now been balanced by the assassins dataslate. Just the existence of the Culexus counters that. (whether he shows up or not...knowing a single unit can basically nerf your whole army plan is enough to change the meta).

  2. Hey alex. I think those changes strike a nice middle ground. I was a little disappointed with your pack at first but these changes have made me much happier. It embraces both the freedom and creativity that 7th brings yet adds limits that are needed for this game to function in a tournament environment. Your event has always been nice and relaxed and this is what drwas me to attend your event. I am not a competitive player, but your event really encourages people like me, who would never usually attend a tournament, to come and play and maybe, if we are lucky, win a few prizes. I am looking forward to it and will get my ticket as soon as payday comes around ��

  3. Can't really argue with any of the changes. 2 Knights will be a fair bit harder than 1 to deal with, but it's hardly unbeatable. I like allowing the formations since there really isn't anything in there that unbalances things too wildly, especially with it being limited to only 1 formation per army.

    On the Warp Charge cap - must admit I was surprised to see it there, but the only armies that are really going to see an impact from it is Tzeentch/MC heavy Daemons, Seercouncil, and pure GKs. If anything it actually puts me in a decent position since the army I'm planning on running generates 10-11 per turn anyways!

    As said above, I think this provides a nice balance between allowing people freedom to pick their armies and restricting some of the craziness that can be done. The rest is down to the players to self-regulate and be sensible.

  4. Much more interesting option for me now, thanks for allowing the formations.

  5. I think you've done a pretty good job of balancing all the infinite combinations in the game at the moment, and hope that the tournament will be better for it. However due to the changes to the Grey Knight codex and some of these restrictions I just don't have any way of fielding an army this time around. I'm a bit gutted I wont be able to come as I've loved coming in the past, but I just don't have the money or time free to buy and paint a tonne of new miniatures to keep up with 7th! hope you have a good one!

    1. I'm truly sorry to hear you won't be coming this time as you've been a regular feature at Blog Wars. Don't see why you can't make a list though? Is it mainly the removal of IQ from the GK book?

      More than happy to lend you anything you need to come along. Email me.

    2. Hey grey lamb. I'm not using my imperial guard this time if you wanted to borrow the whole army? Don't know if you play them but there is a lot you can borrow :)


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