Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stunning Nurgle Daemon Army

Just a quick one today folks. You might remember a week or so ago I posted up a doubles battle report between Jamie, Dan, Matt and I. Well, Dan (who Jamie refers to as "Old Two Eyes") has been hard at work on his Nurgle army for a while now. As Jamie says, Dan is a perfectionist when it comes to the hobby. I'm pretty happy to field an army with basic three colours just to get them on the table but Dan isn't content until every model looks stunning. Here's an example from his now "finished" Nurgle army.

I use the inverted commas because we all know there's always room for growth in any 40K army and indeed Dan is planning on adding some Chaos Space Marines to the Nurgle pus party! An army like this makes me incredibly jealous. I wish I had the skill to produce something this stunning that I'd be proud to field on the table top. Anyway, you should head over to Jamie's blog, Codex Imperialis for the full showcase.

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