Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blog Wars 3 - The Armies Assemble (and Scenario Updates)

Well that's it then. Ticket sales are closed for Blog Wars and at the last minute we have a record number of attendees. Now let's not get excited here it's only 2 more than the first Blog Wars but still I'm pleased that I'm keeping the numbers up. Interestingly, if everyone who'd been to the first two came along then we'd have easily hit the 40 mark. Ah well, maybe next time. It's probably because it's the start of the school holiday week.

Scenario Changes
Anyway, first off let me say that, for those of you who didn't check the attachments on the email, the scenarios have altered slightly to incorporate an Open War style scoring system. I'm hoping this will be both straightforward and decisive, in that there shouldn't be duplicate matchups. There's guaranteed to be a couple but hopefully they'll be at a minimum. Please note that in the KP mission a tabling doesn't give you maximum tournament points whilst in the objective games it does. At Open War they had a system where if you tabled your opponent without being on all 5 objectives you couldn't claim full points which just didn't sit right with me. I can see why they did it but seems a bit harsh for those who didn't realise.

Armies in Attendance
The first two Blog Wars tournaments gave us a wide variety of armies to be pitted against. BW3 keeps up this fine tradition with a nice mixture of lists:
  • 3 Blood Angels
  • Chaos Daemons
  • 4 Dark Eldar (!)
  • 4 Grey Knights
  • 4 Imperial Guard
  • 2 Necrons
  • Orks
  • 4 Different flavours of Space Marines
  • Space Wolves (just one!?!?)
  • 4 Tyranids
It's really quite an interesting mix we've got for ourselves. I'm hugely surprised at the number of Tyranid and Dark Eldar lists. I thought I'd be the only one but looks like I was wrong. The fact that there's just a single Space Wolves army makes me wonder if I ought to switch but, since my DE army is pretty different from the rest (no-one else is stupid enough to use webways!), I'll stick to my guns. Unsurprisingly there's a big Grey Knights and Imperial Guard contingent but all the lists are varied and a couple are brilliantly themed. I've already got a shortlist in mind for the Best Army Theme award but I want to see them in the flesh before I make a final judgement.

In case you were wondering, the missing races are CSM, Eldar, Sisters and sadly Tau. Again there's a part of me tempted to bring my Tau but let's wait and see what 6th edition brings for them. Given the friendly nature of the event I'm tempted to bring in a system that other tournaments use whereby you get a bonus if you bring a race that isn't currently represented. Maybe next time.

At some point soon, possibly tomorrow, I'll post up a run-down of the Special Characters who will be making an appearance. For now let me say thanks to everyone who sent there list in and special thanks to those who entered into the spirit of the thing and brought something a little different. Now I'm sure we'll all regret it when Andy wins again but at least we didn't all sell out to competitiveness eh Andy?

My Blog Wars list is up on here somewhere but I'll repost it this week and give you a run through of how crappy it is! Just by looking at everyone's lists I can tell you that some cames could be absolutely awful for me and in the rest I might just be lucky!

So, still to come in the Blog Wars 3 build up we have:
  • A Special Character Roll-Call
  • Blog Wars 3 Preparations Around the Blogosphere
  • My Blog Wars 3 List
  • A Mystery Plan (which may or may not work out)
  • Additional Prize Announcements
Not to mention a few updates on my vain attempts to get my army finished in time! At this point I've given up on it looking pretty and I'm just hoping it will be legal. It'd be embarrassing to have to give myself a points penalty for not getting it done!


  1. i figure after taking a ridicolous drop list last time i am ok to take something 'competative' this time. besides, someone has to try and stop him winning right?


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