Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Blog Wars 6: The Weekender?!?

Something that's come out of the comments section from the BW5 announcement post (tickets are on sale now using the link on the right! hint hint) is the idea of a two-day Blog Wars event. This is something I've considered before and dismissed. However, I'm willing to look at the idea again.

The reason people have suggested it is that, for some, Mansfield is quite a journey. It's therefore a long way to go for a single day. With a two-day event the journey vs. playtime ratio would be a lot better and these guys could therefore come along. However, at the same time, some people wouldn't come because for a friendly tournament an entire weekend is a big commitment. As with everything in life, you can't please everyone all of the time.

Therefore, I'd like to put the feelers out for who'd be interested in a two-day, five game, incarnation of Blog Wars. It would probably be in the October slot (venue permitting) and would be exactly the same format as the other Blog Wars events but obviously with 5 games instead of 3. This would help in a number of ways, not least because on the second day everyone should be playing opponents of a similar ability to themselves.

There have been other suggestions for format for this event, for example, the first day is a tournament in itself and then the second day is optional for people to "play off" for the two-day crown. This is fine in principle but in a tournament where I average just over 20 attendees I'd be sceptical that there'd be enough people to play the second day properly.

That's really the crux of the matter, numbers. I've been dying to run a Blog Wars Doubles event but based on the current numbers 10-12 teams really isn't much of an event. I'm ever the optimist in hoping that I manage to get a better number of attendees every time I run the event but somehow I always end up with about the same number.

So the question is: would you be interested in Blog Wars 6 being a two-day event? Would it make you more or less likely to attend? What makes you want to attend a Blog Wars in the first place? What puts you off buying a ticket? 

Essentially, tell me what I can do better so we can get more people coming. That means better prizes, better competition and better atmosphere. Remember I don't make a penny from these events so I'm not trying to get more people to make more profit. It'll just mean better prizes for you guys!


  1. Mansfield is a long way to come for some of us, sometimes we come for the weekend anyway and visit WHW just up the road on the previous/next day. Others, myself included this year, have work commitments that would mean a two day event plus travel times would make it a very busy time. I prefer a one day event plus time to either travel up/down the line or stay over and visit WHW/friendly games option in a weekend. Some other halves would prob agree too, I work away from home (even when HM allows me to work in the UK!), a weekend event would mean a fortnight away from family/significant other/dog etc. Just my view.

  2. Similar to Siph's view... I only have a certain amount of time to play toy soldiers, for me part of the draw of blog wars is the one day nature of it and this means a very small commitment in time..I can get away with 4 or so two dayers and two blog wars a year BECAUSE they are one days... Now, I'm not saying I wouldn't come if it were a two day....but I Am saying it would need to be worth my while...I.e. I do two day events because they go towards my Rankings, that's my competitive streak...I'd need the tournament to be submitted to rankings if I were to commit a weekend to toy soldiers..

    Otherwise, it kind of impedes my ability to convince the wife that its a valid reason to spend time apart lol!

    I'd welcome it as a 30 player, ,ranked tournament with the same stipulations as always for blog wars, missions, relaxed environment and especial characters ...but honestly don't think I could commit otherwise..

    I appreciate that this has benefitted in its infancy from not being ranked as it draws the diverse and disparate bloggers... From players to painters and everything in between.. But I wonder if the growth of the event has struggled due to this... 2 day, Mansfield tournies get a good draw for good reason.. If you want to grow, perhaps you need to advertise on Warhammer Forum, add it to the calendar and grab 30/35 spots..

    These are if course just thoughts.. Just my opinion/view, which is of course not representative of others ..

  3. As the person who suggested the 2 day event (subject to dates, the kids get a week off in October, so might be on holiday with them) I'll come!


  4. I'd be up for a 2-dayer but I'm in the comfortable position of living 30 minutes away from the venue. Having said that though I do like the 1-day format as it stands, gives me more family time on the weekends. So either way you go, I'll probably be there to darken the bottom tables.

  5. I'd be interested in a 2-day tournament.

    You could mix up the game format a bit - perhaps make the last game of day 1 a 1000pt doubles game for fun, and perhaps make day 2 a combat-patrol style 750pt mini-competition?

    That would give different lists and styles of players some different game types to play.


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