Wednesday, June 08, 2016

More Double Trouble Army Shots (Matt Calow)

Before I get onto tonight's instalment of pictures. I've emailed everyone about the event on Saturday and I need replies from all of you ASAP. If you haven't replied please do so, I'd really appreciate it. I'm still working on my Dark Eldar in amongst printing out all the relevant bits and pieces and making the objective cards. I'll hopefully find time to throw up some pictures and a brief army list run-down on Friday but otherwise you'll have to prepare to be underwhelmed on Saturday when you see my army in the flesh!

Right, just a brief update tonight. You may remember a little while back that Matt Calow was 3D-printing some custom pieces for his Space Marine army. Well the most impressive bits for me were the dozer blades for his vindicators. Matt has sent some more pictures in of these now they're painted. Still not seen a full army shot though.....

From Matt: "You may recognise the display board from last time. The fires are a new addition though. My Predators are also coming along nicely, no further progress on the Techmarine yet, but hey; I've still got a week right? Well 6 days... shh." (even less now! -ed.)

I'm sure you'll agree that these are really impressive and make for a very unique set of tanks. I only own one vindicator but seeing these is making me tempted to get a second just to buy a dozer blade from Matt (I don't know if he sells them or not?!?). Matt has also been doing some 3D printing for me but you'll have to wait until Saturday to see what he's been up to.....


  1. Tried my home and google emails, can't find anything new? Or is it the confirmation that my list is OK that you already sent to my google email?

    1. I have a account on file for you! Email me and I'll forward it on.

    2. Yeah, the tesco email wasn't showing anything but it's been flaky recently. The Google one worked fine, sorry about the mix up.

    3. to late dave! no lunch for you!

  2. I love these tanks :) I get to see some of matts stuff up close on a regular basis and its always inspiring :) he is way better at "hobby" than I am

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  4. It'll be hard to be upset when I get pie plated by these magnificent machines, but i'll give it a go! :)

  5. Great Dozer blades. Have fun this weekend!


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