Thursday, June 09, 2016

Double Trouble Army Showcase - Final Instalment

Right folks, I'm not going to get chance to post again before the event as there's still a few things I need to do tomorrow night. Therefore I'm going to throw up all of the remaining images I've had sent through. If you've not sent anything yet then we'll just have to wait and see your army on the day. Apologies for not posting my own army progress but frankly painting them is on my to-do list for tomorrow night!

First up Steve Horne and his Ravenguard. Sadly just the one picture but I think you'll agree it's an impressive display.

Here's a shot of my 40k Ravenguard army for DT.

My original list was an Eagle warriors skyhammer annihilation force, but after painting it all, I remembered the one game where I faced the same formation and decided against it (it was not fun).

I trialled this list last weekend, and I'm pretty sure that me and my opponents are going to have a lot more fun than if I bought the skyhammer army; although I'm pretty sure that my partner will have to do most of the heavy lifting.

Also tonight, Peter Barrett sent a mixture of in progress and final army shots:

Here are some pics of my progress and a finished shot – I say finished shot the dreadnought just needs to be based and that is a simple matter.

Considering only 3 weeks ago half of this force was unpainted it has not taken me that long to finish.

My favourite is the Deredeo – a lovely model to paint. I initially wanted a differently armed Librarian however time contraints have left me having to use one I painted a couple years ago.

Hope you enjoy, apologies if the picture quality isnt the best


Right, nothing else from me before the event now so I look forward to seeing you all on the day. Hope you all get more sleep than I do!

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  1. Great work guys! Very much looking forward to being beaten to scrap by them tomorrow.


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